School of Business and Economics


July 5-6 'Macroeconomic Policies' workshop

Macroeconomic Policies in Emerging and Developing Countries

Following on from the successful one-day workshop organised last year by the Money and Developing Economies (MaDE) Research Interest Group, a one-and-a-half day workshop on the 5th & 6th of July, at the School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University was also organised (photos below).

Speakers included Professor  Panicos Demetriades (former governor of the Central Bank of Cyprus), Professor David Fielding (University of Otago) and Professor Chris Milner  (University of Nottingham). Please contact Prof Eric Pentecost (, Dr Simeon Coleman ( or Dr Ahmad Ahmad ( for further information.

For the full timetable, see here: Macroeconomic Policies in Emerging and Developing Countries Workshop

Photographs from the July 2017 workshop:

Dr Ahmad Ahmad                      Dr Anja Shortland
Dr Ahmad Ahmad                                                      Dr Anja Shortland



Several participants conversing during the break                      Dr Chris Milner

Break                                                                         Prof Chris Milner



Dr Chris Milner                      Dr David Fielding
Prof Chris Milner                                                        Prof David Fielding



Photo of some participants at dinner                      Dr Mustapha Caglayan
Event dinner (Simeon Coleman on the left)                 Prof Mustafa Caglayan



Dr Panicos Demetriades                                   Dr Coleman, Dr Caglayan, Dr Sirichand
Prof Panicos Demetriades                                           Dr Coleman, Prof Caglayan and Dr Sirichand



Participants sitting outside at Burleigh Court during the evening reception                      Dr Sushanta Mallick
Evening reception at Burleigh Court                           Prof Sushanta Mallick