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Gillian Ragsdell

Dr Gillian Ragsdell

Dr Ragsdell leads the KM-RIG, organising an active, free seminar series throughout the year, open to anyone interested in knowledge management

Knowledge Management Research Interest Group (KM-RIG)

Leader: Dr Gillian Ragsdell, Reader in Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Management Research Interest Group is a multidisciplinary community comprising members who have diverse backgrounds.

Members are not only from different academic departments at Loughborough University but are also from universities across the world; we are also pleased to have the involvement of national and international members from a wide range of private, public and voluntary sector organisations. It is an interest in, and passion for, knowledge management that brings these academics, practitioners and research students together.

KM-RIG aims to promote and support successful knowledge management by:

  • Engaging in meaningful dialogue about knowledge management research and practice
  • Disseminating work in progress on current research projects
  • Facilitating the formation of partnerships between members and activating multi-disciplinary approaches to knowledge management projects
  • Collaborating with organisations to develop knowledge management theories and to enhance knowledge management practices

The group takes a holistic view of knowledge management and is interested in technological and social issues, as well as organisational and cultural aspects.

Dr Gillian Ragsdell is the KM-RIG Leader and is supported by a Steering Group comprised of Professor Ray Dawson who is based in the Department of Computer Science at Loughborough University, Aynsley Taylor who is a Knowledge Manager at Ipsos MORI and Clare Quigley who is an independent information and knowledge professional.

If you have an interest in any aspect of knowledge management and would like to support KM-RIG in its aims, then please contact Gill Ragsdell by email at or by phone on + 44(0)1509 223082.

KM-RIG members have a strong portfolio of knowledge management expertise gained from working with a variety of national and international organisations. We would like to use our expertise and to develop it further.

Members have expressed a wish to utilise their expertise in the following areas for your organisation’s benefit:

  • K‌nowledge audits
  • Knowledge identification
  • Knowledge mapping
  • Expertise location
  • Knowledge management strategies
  • Critical success factors
  • Implementation of strategy
  • KM-based innovation
  • Social knowledge management
  • Social network analysis
  • Social analytics
  • Knowledge sharing
  • Developing trust
  • Personal learning environments
  • Knowledge management systems
  • Selection, implementation and evaulation

As well as KM-RIG members working in the private, public and voluntary sectors, they have particular experience in specialised contexts such as:

  • Financial services
  • 3D computer-aided design
  • Business information modelling

If you would like to discuss how KM-RIG members and your organisation might work together on a knowledge management project, then Dr Gillian Ragsdell would be very pleased to talk with you and to introduce you to group members with the appropriate expertise. Gill is contactable at or on +44 (0)1509 223082.

Defining, Organising, and Sharing – Knowledge Management in a global and federal environment

Ipsos is the world’s leading market research business, with 16,000 people in 88 different countries, and 42 years of experience of working with major international clients. But, until 2015, it had never made a concerted effort to stitch all that accumulated knowledge together and make it findable and usable. In this seminar, Ipsos’ first dedicated KM professional will tell the story of how his team started to tackle the challenge, sharing the successes and frustrations so far.

The speaker, Aynsley is a Knowledge Management generalist with 8 years’ experience in the discipline, as well as an earlier career in dispute resolution and customer experience. He has worked in both the non-profit and the private sector, across a range of industries, from Financial Services to his current role at a Market Research firm.

Event Details

Date: 23rd May 2018
Time: 1.00PM 

This is a free event, but please register via email to Dr Gillian Ragsdell (





7th February 2018

A Systemic Model of Engineering Knowledge Management from the Energy Sector
Director, Cultivate Innovation Ltd., Dr Mike Colechin

29th November 2017

Creation of a knowledge map for the technologies for building Cyber-Physical Systems

November 8th 2017

Clive Trusson, Donald Hislop and Neil F. Doherty
A research-based critique on the rhetoric of ‘knowledge hoarding’

October 4th 2017

Sharon Simatwo, Divyata Sohal, Paul Snape and Gillian Ragsdell
A series of presentations from academics and practitioners who have participated in the European Conference of Knowledge Management

February 15th 2017

Sustainable Knowledge Management - a new CIM/KM-RIG seminar series.
The inaugural seminar was led by Dr Peter Heisig. Details can be found here.

June 16th 2016

Knowledge Management in the Energy Sector (conference)

May 4th 2016

Ceri Hughes
Director, Head of Knowledge, Research and Collaboration, KPMG

March 2nd 2016

Professor Simon Burnett
Research Theme Leader for Information and Communication theme in the Institute for Management Governance and Society, Robert Gordon University

February 3rd 2016

Professor Harry Scarbrough
Professor in Information Systems and Management, CASS Business School

December 2nd 2015

Professor Davide Nicolin 
Co-Director of Innovation, Knowledge & Organisational Networks Research Unit, Warwick Business School"Understanding Expertise as a Multi-situated Practice"

November 4th 2015

Lee Bridges
Director of Public Information, House of Commons"The Perils of Parliamentary Information Management"

September 30th 2015

Suzi Muchmore, Ghosia Ahmed and Vipin Chauhan, PhDResearchers, Centre for Information Management, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University

Suzi Muchmore: "A Topography of Knowledge Transfer and Low Carbon Innovation"

Ghosia Ahmed: "Innovative Contribution to Organisational Knowledge Management Strategy: A Team Action Learning Initiative"

Vipin Chauhan: "A Study of Knowledge Brokering in Action"

Please contact Gill Ragsdell at if you would like to receive details for any of these seminars.

Doctoral students join a lively and supportive community of research students, becoming an integral part of the School’s research culture. We welcome approaches from suitably qualified graduates, particularly those with a relevant Masters degree and sufficient funding, who may wish to undertake research projects in the specialist areas of the group, leading to a PhD.  As a research student, you will be encouraged to attend conferences to present your work and develop joint publications with your supervisors.

The group has great supervisory experience and is keen to supervise high quality research students in members’ specialist research fields. Recognition of the quality of supervision offered by the group members has resulted in funding for doctoral students from Research Councils. For students interested in further information on potential PhD projects and supervisors, please stay tuned to our webpages.

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