Global Sourcing Research Interest Group (GS-RIG)

Research interest groups

The Shared Services Centre project is conducting research into the form and nature of shared service centres.

In addition to publishing academic and practitioner articles the project also holds regular forum events to facilitate the sharing of best practice between leading organisations. 
Key themes include:

  • The transformation of the finance and other professional functions
  • Performance measurement and management
  • Balancing and blending market versus hierarchy approaches
  • Talent management in SSCs
  • Benchmarking
  • New Working Practices, including  team empowerment and use of visual displays
  • Development of ERP platforms and the consequential centralisation and control of End-User Computing tools especially spreadsheets
  • Transfer pricing
  • On-shore v. near shore v. offshore decisions
  • Centres of excellence and Communities of Practice

In addition to exploring the way in which support services are being transformed through migration to SSCs we are also interested in the future impact on employment and careers of professional workers, including those that remain in ‘retained’ activities.

Whilst, SSCs and outsourcing arrangements can bring significant benefits through standardisation, process re-engineering and resource arbitrage, one of the emerging themes of our work is to ask how organisations will replace the elite professionals, so-called business partners, if in, say, 10 years’ time the flow of developing talent dries up because the early career stages have been de-professionalised and relocated away from the place where business operations take place?

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