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Recent CGSS News

  • The Centre for Global Sourcing and Services hosted a delegation from the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, part of the Chinese Academy of International Trade and Economic Cooperation (CAITEC). CAITEC is an inter-disciplinary and multi-functional research and consultancy unit under the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) undertaking research, consultancy, publishing, training activities for the Ministry. Its main interest is in the service industry trade with a particular interest in service outsourcing. In addition, CGSS hosted visitors from the UK Department of International Trade, Dr Hui Pan (Coventry University) and Prof. Kathy Pain (Henley Business School. With over 30 participants, the symposium day offered a series of presentations about the opportunities to develop trade relationships between China and the UK in the broad area of service and in particular around service outsourcing. The day concluded with discussions about future collaboration with CAITEC on joint research and publications. Ilan Oshri commented on the opportunities in working with CAITEC in the future:’CAITEC is probably the most important research and advisory body within the Chinese MOFCOM that has informed and shaped policy making in the context of the Chinese service industry. We look forward to learn from their extensive experience and collaborate on joint research projects'. 

  • The Center for Global Sourcing and Services organized a joint workshop with the Operations and Information Management group at Aston Business School. The workshop was very successful and was attended by many Information Systems scholars from the UK and other parts of the world. The workshop began with a presentation from Professor Susan Rivard, who was the distinguished guest. Professor Rivard discussed a number of challenges around theory building in the information systems discipline and argued for theory-building works of craft, rather than science or art. Professor Julia Kotlarsky then took over and presented her own innovative research on co-ordination practices in traditional and fast paced organizations. Professor Ilan Oshri discussed the contributions of information systems research in our understanding of innovation, and presented 3 distinct pieces of research and their contributions to current literature. Professor Ravishankar Mayasandra then followed to discuss his pioneering theorization of cross-cultural challenges. The workshop ended with the applaud of a clearly excited audience. 
  • Tony Morgan, Chief Innovation Officer at IBM presented his own insights and experience on how contemporary organizations strive to create innovation.  Tony Morgan began his talk by illustrating the different types of innovation that exist and moved on to discuss the challenges that organizations face in their effort to create innovation. He went on to emphasize what is different about the techniques, behaviors and culture of organizations which are successful at delivering innovation, as compared to their peers. Tony Morgan concluded his presentation by underlining the key factors that can make innovative efforts work. The audience engaged a lively conversation with Tony, who brought a wealth of insights from his 25 years of experience in the IT industry. 
  • Professor Ilan Oshri, Director of the CGSS, has been nominated to be in the NOA's Outsourcing A-List. Read the news item about it here.
  • The Center for Global Sourcing and Services hosted Dr Amany Elbanna, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems at the University of Royal Holloway, University of London. Dr Amany Elbanna presented her research on a humanitarian crowdsourcing project and used concepts from structuration theory to illuminate on aspects of crowd control. In particular, she identified the crowd as a constitution of knowledgeable and reflexible groups, that are capable of evaluating and responding to mechanisms of control. The audience engaged a lively debate on how aspects of control can differ between humanitarian and commercial crowdsourcing projects, and recognized the difficulty in predicting crowd behavior. 

  • Aston Business School and the CGSS are running a one-day research seminar June 8th on Contemporary Issues in IS. Details here.
  • The Centre has partnered with the prestigious Renmin University of China for the Asia-Pacific Global Sourcing Conference to be held in September 2016 at Renmin University in Beijing, China. Details here.
  • The Center for Global Sourcing and Services hosted Stella Despoudi, Lecturer in Supply Chain Management at Coventry University. Stella presented her research on the turbulent agricultural environment within the country of Greece and highlighted some of the key factors that inhibit sustainable food sourcing in the Greek agricultural supply chain. She further emphasized on the significance for sustainable practices across the value chain in the food industry. The audience welcomed her research and debated on the effectiveness of the agricultural policies engaged across the EU. 


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