Global Sourcing Research Interest Group (GS-RIG)

Research interest groups

The Centre for Global Sourcing and Services’ (CGSS) main objective is to undertake an independent research on the trends and practices in global sourcing of IT and business services and to improve sourcing practices through on-going engagement with managers and policy makers.

In particular, the centre takes interest in understanding how individuals, teams, organisations and other stakeholders cope with the:

  • Centralisation of business and IT service functions through shared service units;
  • Disaggregation of business and IT service functions through captive centres and third party vendors;
  • Back-sourcing of previously outsourced business and IT service functions;
  • Emergence of new sourcing models such as cloud services.

To achieve these goals the CGSS  draws upon an outstanding network of researchers from the School of Business and Economics and others business schools in the UK, and is also working with media and industrial partners such as Professional Outsourcing magazine, SSON, IBM, Royal Shell and Berwin, Leighton & Paisner (BLP).