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Business and Management Research Seminars

The primary focus of our Business and Management Research Seminar Series is on exploring conceptualisation and research methodology issues.

Research presentations will be given by experienced and active researchers within the School, as well as by invited researchers.

All seminars are held within the Sir Richard Morris building between 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm, unless otherwise stated, with a light buffet usually provided.

2018 Seminar Schedule

Date Title Presenter Group
04-July-2018 Economics Group PhD Seminar: Financial Shocks and Real Economic Fluctuations in Developing Countries: Empirical Evidence from Four African Countries Angela C.N. Mjojo, SBE  ECO
20 -June-2018 Changed work organisation, changed labour force - Dublin pubs as exemplifying the end of the working class career Professor James Wickham, Fellow Emeritus of Trinity College Dublin CPWS
20 -June-2018 Digital Innovation & Strategy: Research and Publication Tactics Professor Robert Davison, City University of Hong Kong IBSI
07-June-2018 Publishing in 4/4* Journals Prof. Gloria Barczak, Northeastern University IBSI
06 -June-2018 Voting and the Relative Efficiency of Public Enterprises Maria Nieswand, SBE CPP
01-June-2018 Views on career success across the globe – Insights from the 5C project Prof. Dr. Martin Gubler, Schwyz University of Teacher Education, Goldau (Switzerland) CPWS
30-May-2018 Digitalisation in global value chains: Implications for small firms in East Africa Dr Christopher Foster, Information School, University of Sheffield IBSI
23-May-2018 Defining, Organising, and Sharing – Knowledge Management in a global and federal environment Aynsley Taylor, experienced Knowledge Management generalist KM RIG
23-May-2018 The Applications of Agent-Based Simulation in Agri-Food Supply Chain Stephan Onggo, Associate Professor SP-RIG
22-May-2018 The role of China: Catch up and interactions between two open economies (joint work with Denise Osborn) Professor Mardi Dungey, University of Tasmania CPP and ECO
22-May-2018 Raimo P. Hämäläinen, Professor Emeritus, Aalto University Path dependence in Operational Research — How the modelling process can influence the results MSO
17-May-2018 On the psychological consequences of unemployment – back to the future Professor Dr. Hans De Witte, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the KU Leuven, Belgium CPWS
16-May-2018 Energy Spending and Health Satisfaction: Evidence from the British Household Panel Survey Dr Oleg Badunenko, University of Portsmouth CPP and ECO
16-May-2018 Fashion Power: Status Transfer and Price Eva-Maria Kirchberger, Imperial College London IBSI
09-May-2018 Passing the buck: tax distortions and credit crunches Jaap Bos, Maastricht University CPP
04-May-2018 Did ECB Liquidity Injections Help The Real Economy? Sarah Wang, Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Warwick AFM
02-May-2018 Firm actors, trade unions and institutional change: Social outcomes of enterprise level collaborative action Professor Catherine Casey, SBE CPWS
27-Apr-2018 CDS implied volatility, option implied volatility and the cross-section of stock returns Yukun Shi, Associate Professor of Finance, University of Glasgow AFM
25-Apr-2018 Spatial Multi-Attribute Decision Analysis: Axiomatic Foundations and Incomplete Preference Information Dr Juuso Liesiö, Aalto University, School of Business MSO
17-Apr-2018 Management practices and productivity in Britain: first results from the Management and expectations survey Dr Philip Wales, Office for National Statistics CPP/ECO-DG
17-Apr-2018 Towards a Behavioural System Dynamics: Exploring its scope and delineating its promise Professor David Lane, Henley Business School SP-RIG
12-Apr-2018 Price competition, collusive equilibria and nominal illusion Professor Antonio Jose Morales, Universidad de Malaga CPP
11-Apr-2018 An offer that you can't refuse? Agrimafias and Migrant Labor on Vineyards in Southern Italy Dr Stefan Seifert, University of Bonn CPP
22-Mar-2018 The Use of Simulation in Genetic Algorithms Professor John Fowler, Arizona State University (ASU) SP-RIG
21-Mar-2018 The World (Wide Web) through an App: The Challenges of Smartphone Users   Elisa Oreglia, King’s College London  IBSI
19-Mar-2018 Gender differences in mathematics performance: Evidence from rural India Upasak Das, University of Pennsylvania CPP
14-Mar-2018 Impact of bias (detection) on follow-on research: evidence from the medical literature Rossella Salandra, Imperial College London IBSI
14-Mar-2018 Emigration and F14-Mar-2018irm Productivity: Evidence from the Sequential Opening of EU Labour Markets Nadzeya Laurentsyeva, CEPS, Brussels CPP
14-Mar-2018 Supporting the development of diagnostic tests: experiences of NIHR London in-vitro Diagnostics Dr Melody Ni, Department of Surgery, Imperial College MSO
09-Mar-2018 Stress Testing and Bank Lending Professor Joel Shapiro, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford AFM
07-Mar- 2018 The impact of innovation on healthcare: An empirical  Georgios Xydopoulos, University of East Anglia IBSI
03-Mar-2018 Decision Analysis, the Chernobyl Accident and Behavioural OR Professor Simon French, Department of Statistics, University of Warwick MSO
28-Feb-2018 Impact of Brexit on UK Influence in the EU - how going from the inside to the outside will diminish our ability to lobby Dr Alan Hardacre, Imperial Brands, Brussels  IBSI
27-Feb-2018 Utilization of Soft Information on Bank Performance: The Roles of Relationship Lending in Competitive Local Markets Takayoshi Nakaoka CPP
21-Feb-2018 Diagrams for systems thinking in healthcare incident analysis – Usability and Utility Dr Thomas Jun, Design School, Loughborough University SP-RIG
21-Feb-2018 Surveillance and related visibilities: A liquid surveillance perspective of India’s biometric digital identity program Shyam Krishna, Royal Holloway University of London IBSI
14-Feb-2018 To restructure or not? Evidence from Eastern and Western German Electricity Distribution Operators  Dr Maria Nieswand, School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University CPP
07-Feb-2018 A Systemic Model of Engineering Knowledge Management from the Energy Sector’ Dr Mike Colechin, Director of Cultivate Innovation Ltd IBSI 
07-Feb-2018 Crafting papers for publication Workshop Professor Gerardo Patriotta, Warwick Business School KM RIG
25-Jan-2018 The Lasting Benefits of Teamwork? Vitality of Dyadic Connections after Teams Disband Dr Mary Maloney, Opus College of Business, Minneapolis IBSI
17-Jan-2018 Hybrid Agile Software Development in Distributed Contexts Dr Pamela Abbott, University of Sheffield and Sunila Modi, University of Westminster GS RIG



Early 2017 Seminars

Date Title   Presenter Group
27-Jan-17 What is a better cross-hedge for Energy: Equities or Other Commodities? Dr Andrew Vivian, Loughborough University AFM
01-Feb-17 Integrated Reporting Professor Cristiano Busco, Roehampton University AFM
17-Feb-17 Economic Aspects of Aviation Safety Professor Raphael Markellos, University of East Anglia AFM
22-Feb-17 Biases in Spatial Decisions? A Behavioural Experiment Dr Valentina Ferretti, Department of Management, London School of Economics and Political Science MSO
22-Feb-17 Trust Processes in the Eye of the Storm: How Do We Cope with Salient Vulnerability? Professor Rosalind Searle, Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Psychology at Coventry University CPWS
23-Feb-17 Principles of Responsible Management Education – The challenge of achieving ‘work readiness’ as an approach to mitigating intergenerational conflict? Ian Herbert, Loughborough University GS RIG
24-Feb-17 Determinants of CSR disclosure in Mexico Dr Petros Vourvachis, Loughborough University AFM
01-Mar-17 Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding in action: using the diviz software Milosz Kadzinski, PhD (Institute of Computing Science, Poznan University of Technology) MSO
03-Mar-17 What is a better cross-hedge for Energy: Equities or Other Commodities? Dr Andrew Vivian, Loughborough University AFM
08-Mar-17 Meet the editor: On the experience of publishing in academia Professor Penny Dick, Sheffield University CPWS
09-Mar-17 Understand, reduce, respond: 
project complexity management theory and practice
Dr Harvey Maylor, Associate Fellow, Saïd Business School MSO
10-Mar-17 The Effect of Superstar Firms on College Major Choice Dr Dong Lou, London School of Economics AFM
15-Mar-17 The crowdsourcing of digital jobs supporting AI-based services Dr Andrei Gurca, NEOMA Business School, Reims, France IBSI
16-Mar-17 Stresscapes: How can information systems facilitate a place-based approach to addressing problems of community stress? Dr. Ketan Shankardass (Associate Professor at Wilfrid Laurier University, Canada) CIM
17-Mar-17 Small Data, Smart Analysis, Big Impact Robert Davison, Professor of Information Systems at the City University of Hong Kong IBSI
17-Mar-17 “Talking the Talk or Walking the Talk? Corporate Social Responsibility and Tax Avoidance” Dr Doris Merkl-Davies, Bangor University AFM
22-Mar-17 The contribution of ICTs to the management and control of organizational professional work: observations from a study of IT service professionals'. Dr Clive Trusson, Loughborough University CPWS
29-Mar-17 Moving beyond value conflicts: systemic problem structuring in action Professor Gerald Midgley, Centre for Systems Studies, Business School, University of Hull MSO
24-Apr-17 Job Insecurity: a challenge or hindrance stressor? Dr. Hans De Witte, KU Leuven, Belgium CPWS
27-Apr-17 The Living map report - dialogue mapping project Dr Philipp Grunewald VDP/CSM

Mid 2017 Seminars

Date Title Presenter Group
05-May-17 Financial Leverage and Employee Death: Evidence from China’s Coalmining Industry Professor Huainan Zhao
Loughborough University, SBE
05-May-17 Using participative modeling and simulation to reduce uncertainty in a complex manufacturing environment Christina Jane Phillips SP-RIG
11-May-17 Corporate Tax Cuts, Merger Activity, and Shareholder Wealth Professor Anh Tran, Cass Business School AFM
17-May-2017 ‘An Assessment of Visual Tools for Operational Team Decision Making’ Peter Gardner, Loughborough University VDP
24-May-17 Re-Representation as Work Design in Outsourcing: a Semiotic View Professor Ilan Oshri GS RIG
26-May-17 The Rise of the Equity Lending Market: Implications for Corporate Financial Policies Dr Pedro Saffi, Cambridge Judge Business School AFM
31-May-17 See-through supply chains: what does transparency mean for construction projects? Professor Jaqui Glass and Asselya Katenbayeva IBSI/GS
07-Jun-17 Visual Facilitation: Research and Practice  Professor Martin Eppler & Dr Elitsa Alexander University of St. Gallen, Switzerland MSO
13-Jun-17 Corporate Entrepreneurship activity and its determinants: Evidence from Kenyan SMEs Michael Mustafa, University of Nottingham Malaysia MSO
21-Jun-17  Balancing Institutional Logics and Management Practices in Impact Sourcing Brian Nicholson, Manchester Business School IBSI/GS
21-Jun-17  Research opportunities at University of São Paulo Prof. Dr. Renato de Oliveira Moraes IM
21-Jun-17  ‘The Value of Growth: Changes in Profitability and Future Stock Returns’ Dr George Wang, Manchester Business School AFM
23-Jun-17   The crowdsourcing of digital jobs supporting AI-based services Florian Allwein, London School of Economics and Political Science IBSI
05-Jul-17  Exploring the Logics of Financial Performance Measurement in UK Universities: HEFCE’s Attempt at Effortful Accomplishment Dr Rhoda Brown  AFM
13-Jul-17 Encountering Modernity: Elites’ Philanthropy and Development in Post/Colonial India Arun Kumar, Lecturer in International Management and Academic Lead, International Development Network at the University of York IBSI
25-Jul-17 ‘Conventional and Integrated Business Continuity: Effectiveness in Facing Supply Chain Disruptions’ Prof. Arash Azadegan, Rutgers University, Business School, Centre for Supply Chain Management and Director of Supply Chain Disruption Research Lab, USA MSO/LTA-RIG
26-Jul-17 A Reexamination of Real Stock Returns, Real Interest Rates, Real Activity, and Inflation: Evidence from a Large Dataset Prof. Mark Wohar (Eminent Scholar) AFM
26-Jul-17 Does home-country government support contribute to the subsidiary performance of Chinese MNEs? Xia (Hannah) Han IBSI
29-Sep-17 Ambidexterity at the base of the pyramid: Explaining successful incorporation of digital technologies in pro-poor finance Dr Silvia Masiero, Loughborough University IBSI
04-Oct-17   Knowledge Management Research interest Group Seminar  Dr Gill Ragsdell, Divyata Sohal, Paul Snape and Sharon Simatwo  CIM
06-Oct-17 Foreign Institutional Ownership and Corporate Tax Planning Dr Georgios Voulgaris, Warwick Business School, University of Warwick AFM

Late 2017 Seminars

Date Title Presenter Group
25-Oct-17 Leadership behaviour and employee well-being: A review Professor Ilke Inceoglu, University of Exeter CPWS
25-Oct-17 The institutionalization of silence. A case on industry waste dumping. Dr Valeria Cavotta, Queen Mary University of London IBSI
01-Nov-17  Cross-Sectional Dispersion and Expected Returns Dr Thanos Verousis, Newcastle University AFM
01-Nov-17 Researching Voice and Silence in the UK Police Service Dr Sarah Brooks, University of Sheffield CPWS
01-Nov-17 Decision Sciences: Roles of Multicriteria Decision Analysis in Public Sector Strategic Planning Professor Theodor J Stewart, University of Cape Town and Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester MSO
08-Nov-17  The rhetoric of ‘knowledge hoarding’: a research-based critique Dr Clive Trusson, Loughborough University  KM RIG
08-Nov-17 The Diversity of Chinese Firms: Antecedents and Consequences for Chinese Direct Investments Abroad Dr Matthew Allen, Alliance Manchester Business School IBSI
15-Nov-17 Between the cloud and the crowd: The Promise of Digital Entrepreneurship in Taming the Wicked Problems
Dr Rahul Kumar, Loughborough University IBSI
22-Nov-17 The Implications of Limited Funding to Application Development in Uganda Kari Koskinen, PhD student from the Information Systems and Innovation Group, London School of Economics and Political Science IBSI
24-Nov-17 Recent developments in System Dynamics methodologies Dr Martin Kunc, Associate Professor of Management Science at Warwick Business School SP-RIG
28-Nov-17  Tax competition between national governments for footloose multinationals: Economic perspectives.  Professor Ian Wooton, University of Strathclyde and Visiting Professor of Microeconomics in SBE, Dr Kate Hynes, University College Dublin, Daniel Gravino, PhD student in SBE FGE RIG
29-Nov-17 Creation of a knowledge map for the technologies for building Cyber-Physical Systems Dr Murray Sinclair, Visiting Fellow, Wolfson School KM RIG
29-Nov-17 Life-writing as Historical Social Science – putting people back in? Some exploratory thoughts Professor Peter Ackers, Visiting Professor SBE & SPGS and Adjunct Professor, Griffith University CPWS
29-Nov-17 A Configuration Analysis of Organizational Ambidexterity in Three Types of Firms Professor Mathew Hughes IBSI
29-Nov-17 Consumer Stockpiling and Market Entry Ruochen Li, SBE  BEE-RIG
30-Nov-17  Platform innovation as configuration work: A dualistic account of digital capability and organizing vision in the public sector Dr Will Venters, London School of Economics GS RIG
01-Dec-17 Recent developments in System Dynamics methodologies Martin Kunc SP-RIG 
01-Dec-17 From acceptance to adaptive acceptance of social media policy change: a set-theoretic analysis of b2b SMES Dr Federico Iannacci, Canterbury Christ Church University IBSI
06-Dec-17 Improving Accountability in Primary Healthcare in Resource-Poor Settings: What Role For ICT? Shirin Madon, London School of Economics and Political Science  IBSI
08-Dec-17 Large Sample Evidence on the Properties and Impact of Strategy-related Commentary in Annual Reports Dr Vasiliki Athanasakou, London School of Economics AFM
11-Dec-17 Accounting for tacit coordination: The passing of accounts and the case for accounting theory Dr Hendrik Vollmer, University of Leicester AFM
12-Dec-17 Understanding research impact Professor John Arnold, SBE’s Director of Research Impact CPWS

Early 2016 Seminars

Date Title Presenter Group
27th April 2016 CPWS PhDSeminar: Sabrina Heimler & Maggie Evans Sabrina Heimler and Maggie EvansSBE Doctoral Researchers CPWS
14th April 2016 Little Words in Big Data: How Linguistic Clues Help Analysts Read Between the Lines in Problem Statements Roger McHaney, University of Southampton Business School SP-RIG
13th April 2016 Assessing the impact of visual methods in management research Emma Bell
Keele University
6th April 2016 CPWSPhDSeminar: Karen Maher & Hannah Evans Karen Maher and Hannah Evans
SBE Doctoral Researchers
23rd March 2016 The visual dimension in financial reporting Jane Davison
Professor of Accounting at Royal Holloway, University of London
16th March 2016 A simulation model of a police patrol service system with multi-grade time-varying incident arrivals Hanjing Zhang SP-RIG
16th March 2016 Semiotics and IS research Professor Ilan Oshri
School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University
15th March 2016 Rethinking Job Satisfaction Professor Andy Charlwood
School of Business and Economics, Loughborough University
11th March 2016 Language of online Social Networks - Detection, Diffusion, Prediction Daniel Kershaw
PhDCandidatein the Highwire CDT at Lancaster University
2nd March 2016 What does value stream costing do? Sarah Gamal/Will Seal MA-RIG
2nd March 2016 An Exploration of the Sustainable Food Sourcing Challenges: The case of Greek Agricultural Supply Chain Producers Stella Despoudi GS-RIG
29th February 2016
A Dynamic Process Model for Finding Informants and Gaining AccessinQualitative Research Amanda Peticca-Harris
Assistant Professor of Business Administration at Grenoble Ecole de Management, France
24th February 2016 Ordinal Statistics in Risk and Decision Analysis Dr Johannes Jaspersen
Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Risk Management and Insurance, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich
24th February 2016 Sharing Services, Saving Money? Five Risks toCostSavingwhenOrganisations Share Administrative Services Thomas Elston PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford
23rd February 2016 CPWS PhDSeminar: Gaby Wolferink and Sarah Turner Gaby Wolferink & Sarah Turner CPWS
10th February 2016 Regulating Vendor-Client Workarounds: An Information Brokering Approach Jade Brooks GS-RIG
3rd February 2016 Business Support Services and charge-back mechanism Ye (Fiona) Lu
Doctoral Researcher
3rd February 2016 Assessing the impact of visual methods in management research Emma Bell
Keele University
27th January 2016 Motivation in Advanced Services Offshoring: a Microfoundations Perspective

Elias Gerogiannis
Doctoral Researcher


Mid 2016 Seminars

Date Presenter Group
4th May 2016 Professor Sally Brailsford
University of Southampton Business School
4th May 2016 Ceri Hughes
Director, Head of Knowledge, Research and Collaboration, KPMG


Early 2016 Seminars





9th December 2016 Future Prospects for Accounting Graduates in the Polarized Hourglass Economy Dr Ian Herbert, Loughborough University AFM
28th November 2016 Strategies to mitigate climate change: Pricing policies and carbon capture and storage supply chain problem Professor Ernesto D.R.S. Gonzalez LTA-RIG
25th November 2016 Asset Pricing and Credit Default Swaps: Evidence from Large, Global Asset Management Firms Dr Giovanni Calice, Loughborough University AFM
23rd November 2016 Value of Deterrence Analysis: A Decision Analytic Framework Professor Richard John, University of Southern California MSO/CPP
22nd November 2016 Work hard, play hard; The influence of serious leisure pursuit on work performance Ciara Kelly, Loughborough University CPWS
18th November 2016 Using Investment Appraisal Models in Strategic Negotiation: The Cultural Political Economy of Electricity Generation Professor Will Seal, Loughborough University AFM
10th November 2016 As Plain As The Nose on Your Face - Sharing Savings Money But Not It Seems in Scottish Public Services David Heneghan GS-RIG
7th November 2016  Wealth Effects of Seasoned Equity Offerings: A Meta Analysis Professor Chris Veld, Monash University AFM
2nd November 2016 Global Professional Service Firms, Transnational Organizing and Core-Periphery Dynamics   Professor Mehdi Boussebaa, Professor of International Business at the University of Glasgow IBSI
2nd November 2016 Shared Service Centre Performance Measures, the Case of Tarmac Maria Chumak, Tarmac SSC GS-RIG
10th November 2016   Jörgen Sparf and Evangelia Petridou (The Risk and Crisis Research Centre (RCR) at  Mid-Sweden University) EM-RIG
26th October 2016 The Meaning of Work in Times of Insecurity. Investigating Identity and Well-Being Relevant Outcomes Dr Eva Selenko, Loughborough University CPWS
19th October 2016  Modeling and Analysis of Mobile Application Services: The Perspective of Taiwan's Mobile Network Operators Professor Juite Wang, National Chung Hsing University SP-RIG
12th October 2016  Terrorism: The Risks, Public Responses andEconomic Consequences

Professor Dentlof von Winterfeldt, University of Southern California MSO/CPP