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Vipin Chauhan

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Doctoral Researcher in Information Management

I am an experienced professional with extensive experiences of working in the voluntary, community and public sectors in the UK as well as overseas. Before undertaking my PhD research programme, I was running my own management consultancy providing a range of training, research and consultancy services, both here and overseas. I have a variety of experiences of teaching and student supervision on community development and youth work programmes at the Universities of Derby, De Montfort, Leicester, Ruskin College, Oxford and the Open University.

I have a BA (Hons) Economics (the University of Manchester); a Graduate Diploma in Community Education (Leicester Polytechnic subsequently De Montfort University) and a MA in Policy, Organisation and Change in Professional Care (Loughborough University).  

Research Interest:

My research interests revolve around knowledge brokering and management as a humanistic discipline, professionals as reflective practitioners, volunteer workforce development, equality and inclusion in social welfare and inter-agency collaboration.

Research Plan:

My research is about how knowledge brokers and brokering processes can facilitate collaborative working, joint enterprises and mutual knowledge sharing in organisations that are striving to work in partnership. As a starting point, my conceptual framework for knowledge brokering and the action research approach I have taken, acknowledge the significance of validating and building on existing experiences, knowledge and skills.  The research approach I have adopted is a derivative of action research, insider action research, and the research site was a voluntary and community sector partnership where I was employed for two years as a Knowledge Management Officer.


Dr. Gillian Ragsdell and Dr. Lazaros Goutas 

Thesis Title/Topic

The working title of my thesis is “Knowledge brokering: A practice intervention and pathway to knowledge sharing in partnership organisations”.

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