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Shiwei Su

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Doctoral Researcher in Economics

Shiwei obtained the Bachelor’s degree of Economics from Henan University of Economics and Law in 2013. During the undergraduate level study, he had the opportunity to be an intern in Bank of Communications, Henan Branch. His final thesis was about the international trade in Asia and RMB internationalization.

In 2014, Shiwei obtained the MSc degree in Banking and Finance with distinction of Loughborough University, UK. With great effort, he was awarded with the academic excellence of the School of Business and Economics.

Starting from October 2014, Shiwei embarked on his journal as a PhD student in Loughborough University. His research topic is central bank communication and monetary policy. He is learning with Dr Ahmad Hassan Ahmad.

Research Interest:

Central bank communication and monetary policy, especially in emerging and developing economies.


Research Plan:

Work on the literature review and research proposal.

Review skills, learn economic theory and econometric.

Gather data and start the research focusing on the case of China.

Practice more, extend the research focuses on other emerging economies, the comparison with central bank communication in emerging and developed economies (e.g. People’s Bank of China and Bank of England), etc.

Try to make some empirical suggestions about the central bank communication design.



Dr Ahmad Hassan Ahmad


Thesis Title/Topic

Central Bank Communication and Monetary Policy