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Sarah Todd

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Doctoral Researcher in Human Resource Management and Organisational Behaviour

I studied Psychology at undergraduate level and then a Masters Degree in Health Psychology. I worked in the NHS on service improvement projects before entering the world of academic research. Having worked both in the NHS and doing research about the NHS, my ambition is to eventually branch out into consultancy work. I began my PhD with Loughborough in October 2011.

Research Interest:

My research interests are organisational psychology and behaviour, healthcare governance, healthcare policy and politics, the psychology of health, and healthcare innovation.


Research Plan:

Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) is something that sparks great debate in the academic, political and health arenas, and is something that isn’t very well explained based on empirical evidence. It is assumed to be a fundamentally good thing that isn’t often challenged; hence the lack of evidence. My research involves conducting observations of activities in three organisations where they try to involve patients and the public in decisions. I will also be shadowing key PPI leads and their colleagues and will be conducting in-depth interviews with healthcare staff and patient representatives who have a key role or interest in PPI. The aim is to construct a theoretical framework of this complex, and often contentious, social phenomenon. Factors such as inter-personal and inter-group relations, personality and behaviour, organisational structures, change management, policy and procedures, external influences, and beliefs and norms, will be considered in relation to PPI.


Dr Ray Randall


Thesis Title/Topic:
Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) in healthcare: developing an explanatory model by examining healthcare providers using ethnography.