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Nahid Yazdani

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Doctoral Researcher in Marketing and Retailing

Having done her MBA on top of her 6 years of professional engineering job experience in automotive industry as well as an engineering undergraduate degree, Nahid significantly broadened her perspective in the interface between marketing, strategy, international business and export management. Her research in the context of export marketing aims to investigate the degree to which firms integrate their export markets into their companies’ activities.

Taking business uncertainty and other external / internal imposing factors and utilising alternative theories (with an emphasis on the real options theory), this study develops a model to suggest an optimum level of export integration for a firm’s export markets. This model aims to provide a tool for the scholars to give a better advice to the exporters on how they can structure their operations for an enhanced export success.

Research Interest:

Export marketing

International business

International marketing strategy


Research Plan:

Conducting  interview with export manger of some companies in the east midland region to understand the entry mode decisions that manager make

Collecting data through conducting survey questionnaire


Professor John W. Cadogan


Thesis Title/Topic:
Export Marketing Integration: Antecedents and Performance Implications

Yazdani, N., Cadogan, J.W., Perks, K.J. 2011. Export Marketing Integration: Antecedents and Performance Implication. In Proceedings of the European Marketing Academy (EMAC) Conference, Lisbon, Portugal.