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Michael Mortenson

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Doctoral Researcher in Management Science and Operations Management

Michael has a Masters degree in eBusiness Management and has worked in a variety marketing, ecommerce and analytics roles including consultancy and management experience. His research aim is to identify the needs of industry for high-calibre graduates from Operational Research and other quantitative and technological disciplines and to determine whether UK universities are meeting this need. The research aims to create a framework of recommendations that can be employed to meet this skills gap.

This research involves conducting wide-ranging interviews with industry experts, employers, and leading figures at UK universities. Prior to completing his master’s in 2012, Michael has worked for 10 years in the travel industry and has managed a wide range of projects (including website developments, managing marketing budgets in excess of £1milllion per year, and running high-scale analytics projects).

Research Interests:

Business Analytics

Web Analytics

Operational Research and Prescriptive Analytics

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Big Data and Data Science

eBusiness, eCommerce and Digital Marketing

Marketing Performance Measurement

Customer Relationship Management and Customer Analytics


Research Plan:

Identify the development of Analytics in modern business

Evaluate the needs of employers for Analytics specialists and managers

Evaluate the scope and content of Analytics and Operational Research training in UK universities

Identify potential barriers and issues in implementing training that meets the needs of industry

Recommend appropriate developments and a framework for developing and delivering Analytics and Operational Research training


Professor Stewart Robinson
Professor Neil Doherty


Thesis Title/Topic:
Is Operational Research in UK Universities Fit-for-Purpose for the Developing Field of Business Analytics?