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Götz Heinrich Giering

Photo of  Götz Heinrich Giering

Doctoral Researcher in Management Science and Operations

Götz joined Loughborough University as a doctoral researcher in Management Science in January 2017. Prior to his PhD studies, he undertook a Masters in Business Analytics Consulting at Loughborough University in 2016. His undergraduate degree in International Business Studies was granted from Friedrich-Alexander Universität in Erlangen-Nürnberg and involved courses in Germany, China and South Korea. Over the course of his education he was able to secure multiple scholarships to support his development.

His extra-curriculum activities involved being a programme representative for his master course, as well as being a member of entrepreneurial student societies in Germany and Switzerland.

He gained professional experience during his studies as a student worker at Fraunhofer Institute, and several entrepreneurial projects. Götz holds numerous certificates, e.g. for his involvement for The Institute for Peace Affairs in Seoul, and for his achievements as a programme rep and his work with SAS software during the completion of his master degree.

His personal interests besides research include travelling, investment, chess, and football.

Research Interest:

My research aims to better understand the dynamics of multi-attribute decision making. Currently, I follow the constructive approach of preferences and therefore try to identify the “what” and “how” of factors influencing these kind of decisions. For my PhD project I am especially interested in the ways and underlying processes that different levels of exposure to decision options may affect choices.

My long-term goal is to utilise such information in order to help companies, individuals, and myself with their decision making in decision settings that are complex and unfamiliar.


Research Plan:

Currently, I am focusing on my literature research. Until next year I also aim to specify a couple concrete research questions, which I then intend to target via several behavioural experiments.



Prof. Gilberto Montibeller & Prof. Alberto Franco


Thesis Title/Topic

The Dynamics of Multi-attribute Choices - Preference Construction and Concreteness (Working Title)