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Alicia Parkes

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Doctoral Researcher in Information Management

I am currently researching ‘Agile Organisational Transformation’ as a part time researcher with the School of Business at Loughborough University.

My full time job is Project Manager and Scrum Master at  an Energy Trading Service and Software Company that has gone through several attempts at Agile transformation, and are currently undergoing such a change.

I am an associate of ValueGlide Ltd., business agility specialists who provide consulting, coaching and training. Through my association, both with my employers and Value Glide Ltd, I have been instrumental in the on-going implementation of organisational agile  as well as exploring possible reasons why agile implementations fail.

My Undergraduate degree was in Forensic Science, with an emphasis on analysis and I have been working within Projects and Project Management for the past 4 years. I hold Prince 2 Practitioner and Scrum Alliance Certified Scrum Master (CSM) qualifications as a result.

My research interest is around Organisational Agility, the different approaches to implementing such transformations and how this impacts the perception of success of failure of adoption. My research proposal is to study in detail the aforementioned organisational transformation using Qualitative, Action Research with Case Studies approaches.

Research Plan:

Action Research, Case Study, Qualitative / Mixed Method.

Supervisor(s): Guy Fitzgerald

Thesis Title/Topic

An Organisational Transformational Paradigm – Becoming Agile