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I’ve recently joined Loughborough University as a postgraduate research student at the School of Business and Economics in January 2015. I've previously obtained my BSc Degree in International Business from Gulf University for Science and Technology in 2012 and worked for two years at Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority (Kuwait). While working, I've completed my Master’s Degree in MBA from Gulf University for Science and Technology in 2014.

Research Plan:

The aim of my PHD research is to investigate and examine the consequences of wasta (a type of social capital) on organizations and employees who are affected by it, specifically in Kuwait, in terms of Human Resource Management Practices, Knowledge Sharing, Innovation and Commitment. Therefore, a mixed method sequential exploratory research design will be used.

The reason why I chose to do this research is because to date, there has been little in-depth organisational research on the impact of wasta. Hence, undertaking this study will help to understand how wasta influence the factors mentioned above, which would in return equip organizational leaders with new knowledge on how wasta play a vital role in influencing individuals’ commitment towards organizational success. As a result, the objectives of this study are as follows:

  • Critically review literatures on factors and theories related to wasta to determine if wasta can influence human resource management, knowledge sharing, innovation and commitment.
  • Conduct a research design on how employees perceive wasta to determine whether or not it is influencing human resource management, knowledge sharing, innovation and commitment. 


Research Interest:

Human Resource Management (HRM)
Knowledge sharing
Career Development
Organisational behaviour
Social Capital


Thesis Title/Topic:
The Influence Of Wasta On Employees And Organizations In Kuwait


Dr. Louise Cooke
Dr. Andrew Rothwell