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12 Mar 2015

New mobile app VoteBee launched in time for General Election


VoteBee is a mobile app that uses the Emotive Engine developed from research at the Centre for Information Management, notably Dr Martin Sykora and Professor Tom Jackson.

It will look at all the Twitter traffic related to the UK General Election in the run-up to May 7th in order to assess how people feel about the latest news, campaigning and policy announcements. It will also show how the Twittersphere reacts to the day’s news and how the parties compare as the election approaches, updated in near real-time.

The Emotive software, using proprietary technology (a complex natural language processing ontology) developed at CIM, can process thousands of tweets a second to extract from each tweet a direct expression: anger, disgust, fear, happiness, surprise, sadness, shame and confusion, in relation to the UK General Election Campaign trends.

Subjects included in the free version include the key political parties, their leaders and partners. The paid version includes additional emotional intelligence relating to the key manifesto policies and party members. The full version also has extra graphs and a time slider for you to interact with the last seven days of data.

VoteBee allows you to browse popular images and tweets that have triggered emotional responses.

Professor Tom Jackson, who led the research team and is the Director of CIM, said:

"Twitter is a very concise platform through which users express how they feel about a particular event, be that a criminal act, a new government policy or even a change in the weather.

"Through the computer program we have created, we can collate these expressions of feelings in real time, map them geographically and track how they develop."

VoteBee has been designed to be used solely for the 2015 General Election and will cease operation afterwards. 

VoteBee is not responsible for the imagery posted on Twitter and displayed through this app.

If you are interested in finding out more about Emotive or CIM's research, please visit their website.

Download the app here

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