School of Business and Economics


13 Aug 2015

Dr Hislop co-authors ‘Citation Classic’ in the field of knowledge management

Photo of the Knowledge Management book cover by Donald Hislop

Recent analysis of citation data on publications in the field of knowledge management has been published by Serenko & Dumay in the Journal of Knowledge Management.[1]

Analysis of citation data from Google Scholar of publications in seven knowledge management journals identified 100 ‘citation classics’, articles which are the most highly cited in the field. This analysis found that a paper co-authored by Donald Hislop from the School of Business and Economics was one of the top 10 most cited papers in the field, with the paper being cited over 660 times[2].

Donald has published a wide range of research articles on the topic of knowledge management, as well as being the author of the highly regarded and popular textbook Hislop, Knowledge Management: A Critical Introduction, Oxford University Press, which had its third edition published in 2013, and which has itself been cited more than 500 times.

[1] Serenko & Dumay (2015). ‘Citation classics published in knowledge management journals. Part I: articles and their characteristics’. Journal of Knowledge Management, 19,2: 401 – 431.

[2] Swan, J., Newell, S., Scarbrough, H. and Hislop, D. (1999), “Knowledge management and innovation: networks and networking”, Journal of Knowledge Management, 3,4: 262-275