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2 Sep 2015

European health and social care experts at the SBE for the CSM Symposium

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We are delighted to announce a new and very special research event on September 11th, hosted by the Centre for Service Management (CSM): the 1st European Health and Social Care Service Innovation Symposium.

Professor Thorsten Gruber, CSM Co-Director, commented:

Health and social care are facing major challenges all across Europe. The proportion of elderly people is growing with urgent needs of specialist care as well as primary care; chronic lifestyle related diseases and mental illnesses among the young and able-bodied are increasing as well.

These and other challenges drive costs throughout Europe and indicate a strong need for service innovations that can improve the efficiency of health and social care towards positive health economic values and ethically acceptable patient-centred models. We believe that these problems are so complex and interconnected that they can only be solved by multidisciplinary and international teams of researchers.

In response to this, the CSM have invited renowned service researchers from different service disciplines (e.g., marketing and operations) and seven European countries to share their views. The event will consist of individual presentations and a roundtable discussion involving the audience. In addition, Dr Laurence Gardiner, Research Challenges Development Manager (Health and Wellbeing), will give an overview of social challenges and an introduction to the Horizon 2020 Work Programme.

We expect a lively and thought-provoking event.

This event is the second in a line of events that CSM is hosting on this topic. On September 10th, the Centre is hosting a collaborative network formation workshop that will bring together colleagues from CSM, the School of Business and Economics (SBE), Loughborough Design School (LDS), Loughborough University's Department of Computer Science, several CSM Advisory Board members (both practitioners and academics) and the Symposium presenters to explore synergies and potential collaboration projects in the area of service innovation in health and social care based on patient and user involvement.

Resulting research projects in this area would aim at increasing the value for patients, improving efficiency and opening up avenues for national and international commercialisation.

Professor Gruber added:

We believe that when the public sector, business companies and academia all work together, it can improve the conditions for enhanced competitiveness, new business ventures and service innovations for the benefit of citizens.

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