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13 Mar 2015

New funding from CIMA extends research on shared service centres

Ian Herbert talking with Angus Laing Angus Laing talking with Ian Herbert (L to R)

Ian Herbert and the SSC research team at Loughborough University, have been awarded £162,000 by the Charitable Trust of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) over three years to continue the work of the CIMA-Loughborough Shared Services Research Project.

This marks a further stage in the evolution of a longitudinal programme started in 1997 to explore the transformation of the contemporary finance function.

Ian Herbert, Deputy Director of the School’s Centre for Global Sourcing and Services, said:

“The shared service model is significant because it is both driving and ‘operationalising’ the process of change in finance and a number of other professional support services. Previous findings from the research indicate that the SSC, as both a new organisational form and the encapsulation of a range of new working practices, will have fundamental consequences for accountants in terms of 1) how management accounting will be performed; 2) who will be doing it; and 3) where it will be done.”

Central themes in the new phase of work are:

  • What roles will develop for management accountants (MAs) in the SSC environment?
  • What skills, techniques and training will be required?
  • What will the relationship with retained finance be, and will higher level work such as business partnering be migrated to the SSC model?
  • How will the talent pipeline within finance be maintained if the ‘training nursery’ is moved offshore?

Additional information:

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