School of Business and Economics


27 Nov 2015

Annie Machon presents 'Spies, Lies and Whistle-blowers'

Annie's Book

When: Friday 4th December, 4-6pm

Where: J001, Edward Herbert Building

The event is running in line with the Undergraduate Module ‘Intelligence and Espionage’ and is aimed at staff and students of Loughborough University.

As a former intelligence officer for MI5, Annie has a rare perspective both on the inner workings of governments, intelligence agencies and the media, as well as the wider implications for the need of increased openness and accountability in public and private sectors.

In her lecture, Annie will explore the struggle regarding intelligence as the concept of secrecy matched against democracy. She will look at the tension that lies in the maxim - you can either have democracy or you can have intelligence.

To register please email: Dr Lewis Herrington (