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Why choose to study the MBA with Internship Option

My MBA Internship with a local SME - An interview with Prafulla Gaikwad

Prafulla, an international student from India and recent MBA graduate, explains why he chose to the Loughborough MBA with internship option and how he found his experience:

"During the European Summer School for Advanced Management (ESSAM) in 2014, I had the opportunity to work with MBA students from a range of different universities and all at different stages of their career. The Summer School was one of the most informative weeks of my MBA studies.

An email was circulated about an internship opportunity at a local SME. This opportunity came from ESSAM, as one of the students that attended was a director of the same company.

By the end of my first 6 months, I was offered the opportunity to continue for a further 6 months and I can confidently say it was the best decision from both a personal and business point of view.

The company was originally founded in 1978 as a contract packaging company. After a management buyout was undertaken by the owners in 1997 it underwent a restructure. In February 2007, it was acquired by an investment company interested in acquiring SME business in order to facilitate their growth. This relationship has developed further opportunities for the company to investigate new potential markets in which to expand.

 My internship started with a very specific purpose, but it was made clear from day one that it will not be limited to this purpose only.

The primary purpose of my internship was to analyse new business ideas put forward by the management team and to develop a business plan based on the feasibility of these results. From studying the ‘Innovation Management’ module, as part of my MBA studies, I was able to put what I had learned into practice.

As a fresh MBA graduate who is new to the company’s operations, the opportunity to contribute to the company’s growth has boosted my confidence in the workplace and given me a sense of responsibility in my work.

My internship has been a tremendous part of my development both on a personal and professional level.

My internship started with a very specific project but over time I was given the opportunity to work in different areas and I was able to bring issues which had not been addressed before to the management.

I was very happy with the fact that despite being a foreign student in a completely different part of the world, I was able to work within a UK SME and develop my confidence and skills.

I believe, especially after having this great experience, SMEs need to see their operations from a fresh perspective by bringing in a fresh pair of eyes."