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Tom Carslake

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Operations Manager at Loughborough University

Tom Carslake Tom Carslake

The start of his Loughborough MBA course coincided with the birth of his first child – and two more babies followed before he completed his final research paper.

“Whatever your personal situation, doing a part time MBA will be tough, but it’s possible. And once you’ve done it, you never need to worry about dealing with pressure again,’’ said Tom, whose wife persuaded him to take the plunge.

‌“Of course, she was right. Before the MBA, I relied on common sense and experience; now I have common sense backed up by credible theories and recognised models. There was also the sense of a fantastic achievement,’’ he said.

Tom said the course benefited him in ways he had not expected – gaining knowledge in new areas and expanding understanding on more familiar territory.

“The process of academic thinking, research and argument which took me far beyond my undergraduate degree and left me with a skill that was directly relevant to working life. My arguments are now better thought through and backed up by evidence, making them far more convincing,’’ he said.

Tom also valued the links he made with other students and has kept in touch with classmates. “I also feel a new sense of self confidence that comes from knowing what you’re talking about,’’ he added.

As a result of the MBA, Tom was offered promotion within the company he was working for and ultimately took another job which he describes as “my best career move so far’’.