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Ruby Lam

Year of Study



Newly Graduated MBA Student

Why did you choose to study at Loughborough University?

Loughborough University has an excellent reputation for its heartening academic atmosphere, superior teaching quality, and all-round campus facilities. In particular, it is renowned for providing excellent student experience, as the winner of 6 “Best Student Experience” awards. The business School is triple accredited by AMBA, EQUIS and AACSB, making it one of the top business schools in the world! All of these enhanced my confidence so the decision was easy for me!

What support do you receive from your School, your tutors and classmates?

Breeding Winners - the slogan of my competitive MBA programme, reveals the nature of the my course - challenging as it requires concerted effort and high concentration yet rewarding in a sense that it is very well structured taught in a small group, maximizing my opportunities to engage in class discussions and debates. These accelerated my academic learning to a great extent.

When daunted by my studies upon arrival, I received full support, words of encouragement and expert guidance from many motivating and awe-inspiring professors as well as my compassionate and intelligent classmates who are experienced and self-assured. We all just like a big family with different nationalities!

What do you particularly like about studying the MBA course?

The design of the Loughborough MBA programme focuses on enterprise and innovation. Businesses today require leaders with creativity and vision to lead organizations through challenging changes to adapt to the global business environment. I believe the skills I learnt will equip me with competitive advantages in my future career.

The positive atmosphere during my one-year MBA studies helped me not only to achieve my best academic potentials but also to develop a more active attitude towards life.

Besides studying, what other activities do you enjoy?

My eyes sparkled with enormous excitement when I first saw the comprehensive sport facilities on campus! I joined the Loughborough Polo and Equestrian Clubs since I love horses and it is a sport too expensive to play in HK!

What advice would you give someone in Hong Kong who is considering studying in Loughborough University?

My motto is ‘Don't be afraid to fail, be afraid NOT TO TRY’! My advice for you is just come and you will never regret!