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Glen Hotchin

Year of Study



Senior Project Leader at British Gypsum

How would you describe your experience of the Loughborough MBA overall?
It was a very positive experience. I learned a tremendous amount, both about management of businesses and myself. I feel I am a significantly more competent manager and a more credible leader in my organisation.

How has the MBA helped your career and organisation?
The Loughborough MBA enabled me to contribute to my organisation at a much more senior level, and was instrumental in making a recent career move to a different industry.

How has the course encouraged you to think and behave differently at work?
My eyes have been opened to business strategy, and my thinking is generally more long-term than it may have been in the past.

Why did you choose the Loughborough MBA?
I wanted a course with a solid, respected reputation, and that gave me the flexibility to study in my own way. The modular timetabling enabled me to fit study around other elements of my life, and achieve the result I wanted in the time I had available.  It was also reassuring to know that if I had the free time to progress more quickly, or if work or family commitments meant making progress more slowly, that the programme would be easily adapted to this.

What made you decide to take an MBA?
I wanted to progress from middle management to senior management. I realised that I was not comfortable taking the route I have seen others follow where appropriate behaviours are simply learned over a period of years to "appear" to be a credible senior manager on the surface, but without an understanding of the theory and the practice underneath. It was this robust and rigorous foundation that I was seeking.

What was the support like in ‘returning to learning’?
The support you receive from the Loughborough team is excellent. The induction process gives you a good start, and the MBA team are there to support you along the way. There are also more formal mechanisms in case of difficulties, but these are rarely needed. You also receive excellent support from your fellow students. As each module consists of both beginners and experienced learners, support is never far away. My employer recognised the value that an MBA would bring to the business and were also supportive.

What would you say to someone considering the Loughborough MBA?
I would say that the years I spent enrolled in the Loughborough MBA programme were probably the most important and valuable years of my career to date. The course is well respected, flexible, and has given me the edge I needed in a crowded pool of talent. I feel I have the skills and knowledge now to escalate my career progression, and with the Loughborough MBA under my belt, there should be no stopping me! For anyone looking for a similar career boost the course is highly recommended.