The Loughborough MBA

Corporate connections

Partnership opportunities

Leading companies such as DFJ Esprit and Santander have already realised the benefit of supporting our MBA programmes.

Ways of partnering with the Loughborough MBA

  • Make the award of an MBA scholarship or a module prize.
  • Offer an internship to a student on our extended 2-year MBA programme.
  • Work with an MBA student to develop a mutually beneficial project or commercialisation of an idea, service or product.
  • Provide a guest lecturer to support the programme with a real-life case study from your business.
  • We can offer 10% Group Discounts to organisations that fund two or more students onto the Loughborough MBA. For more information please contact us.

Your involvement can help you

  • Raise awareness of your organisation and its association with the MBA through presence in our publications.
  • Connect with your potential future employees – our MBA students.
  • Ensure that MBA graduates have up-to-date skills and awareness of best practice.
  • Offer opportunities to your staff to engage in dialogue with both academics and students, to work on commercially innovative projects for your organisation.
  • Develop a mutually beneficial relationship with the University.

For more information about partnering the MBA Programme, contact Vicki Unwin or our University Teacher in Employability, Natalie Sermon.