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Leadership and Management

Certificate, Diploma, MSc

Loughborough University offers experienced managers the opportunity to gain recognised university qualifications in Leadership and Management, with the benefits of part-time learning to fit around your work schedule.

You can choose to enrol for the whole MSc programme or only for the Certificate. On completion of the certificate, you can then register for the Diploma. Similarly, on completion of the Diploma, you can register for the MSc dissertation. 

We also offer company-specific variants of this programme. For more information please contact our Business Development Manager.

The postgraduate programme in Leadership and Management is specially designed for experienced managers seeking to develop practical skills whilst working towards a university award. In providing a general management qualification, the programme is suitable for managers from all functions and all industry sectors. The course covers a wide range of areas, including finance, marketing, leadership and managing people. 

At each stage of the programme, you will be asked to draw on your work experience and to apply your learning within your own organisational context:

  • Learning objectives reflect the needs of today’s business environment, developing skills and knowledge immediately relevant to you and your workplace. 
  • Assessments require you to relate each topic to your experience, therefore developing your skills in practical ways. 

From beginning to end, therefore, you and your organisation will benefit from investment in this programme.

Programme aims:

  • Develop individual skills and prepare participants for management career progression in their chosen industry sector, mainly through development of their technical knowledge and skills, and their conceptual and analytical abilities;
  • Prepare participants for management roles in which they will be expected to contribute towards the functional and strategic management of their organisations;
  • Enable participants to see ways in which theory can be applied in practice to complex issues with the aim of improving business and management practice;
  • Provide a relevant, practical and constantly updated programme through close links with business organisations.

The Certificate level is of particular benefit for experienced first line managers and will provide a solid foundation to then progress onto the Diploma. The Diploma is designed for those either already at middle management level or for those progressing from the Certificate. It also provides a route to progressing onto the MSc (1 year dissertation).

Past students have particularly appreciated:

  • The practical value of assessed work. Being able both to draw on their work experience in writing their reports as well as to evaluate their application of module material to their workplace
  • Learning in 3-day workshops. Past students valued more intensive blocks of learning, rather than weekly classes. Concentration on the topic and time away from their work context were two of the stated reasons.
  • The range of topics. Past students liked having a sound foundation of core topics to build on. Some discovered new areas they wanted to specialise in further.
  • Personal goal-setting, reflection on actions and ability to structure personal learning. Some of our modules focus specifically on self-development skills.
  • Access to leading-edge research carried out in the School
  • The opportunity to spend more time on a topic of their choice. The MSc dissertation is 60 credits. This is twice the number of credits that some other MSc programmes assign to an individual project. Past students used this larger project to develop an area of personal interest to them. Many reported that their project had helped them significantly in handling a specific issue in their current workplace. Some past students have reported that their project has also helped them make their next career step.


In response to the needs of busy managers, the programme is offered on a part-time basis. The minimum period of study for the award of MSc is thirty calendar months. The minimum period of study for the award of Postgraduate Certificate or Postgraduate Diploma is twelve and eighteen months respectively.


Past students have particularly appreciated the duration and delivery methods of this programme. The Certificate and Diploma programmes are part-time and will normally extend over a period of 12 to 18 months, thereby allowing time for application and reflection. Modules for both the Certificate and Diploma are taught as 2-day or 3-day workshops instead of weekly classes. Our format facilitates participation by managers from a wide geographical area. We can recommend on- and off-campus accommodation.

Learning methods are tailored to participants' needs, including a combination of:

  • short inputs
  • pair and group work
  • case studies
  • distance learning and
  • work-based assignments and projects.

For the MSc element of the programme, participants have12 months to attend training in research methods and project design as part of designing, implementing and writing up a research project exploring a topic of their own choice.


There are no exams for this programme.

Each module is assessed through coursework. Our coursework assignments require the student to read and research the topic of the module, to address a question that is based within a work environment. Several modules require the student to draw on their own work experience and/or their current work situation.

In addition to coursework, modules may be assessed through group presentations.


Each programme starts with an induction event where you will review and improve your skills in learning, researching and writing. Following this, core modules address the fundamentals of management and business competitiveness. The Diploma programme builds upon these fundamentals with further modules, as well as two optional modules, so that you can explore areas of specific interest to you. At each stage, the content of assessments addresses real work examples within your own past and current work experience.

For your MSc project, you agree the topic with the University to address a problem directly impacting upon your work area. As part of that project, you will be expected to demonstrate benefits to your organisation and your own learning.

Core modules (Certificate, Diploma and MSc)

All students irrespective of their qualification aim will study the following modules:

  • Financial Management
  • Managing and Leading People
  • Operations Management
  • Marketing Management

Modules for Diploma Students

Students progressing from the Certificate study the following additional modules:

  • Information Management and Governance
  • Leadership and Change

Plus two modules from those listed below:-

  • Innovation Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Strategy and Planning
  • Intellectual Property
  • Understanding Business Failure
  • Strategic Management
  • Project Management
  • Managing Individual and Team Performance
  • Management of Learning and Development
  • Selection and Assessment
  • Manager as a Coach
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Management of the Consultancy Process
  • New Product and Service Development
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • Service Marketing
  • Service Operations
  • Service Strategy
  • Public Management
  • Leadership Framing and Problem Solving
  • Value Focused Decision Making
  • Hidden Traps in Decision Making
  • Learning from Decisions Using Systems Thinking
  • Risk Management

Modules for MSc Students

Students progressing from the Diploma study the following additional module:

  • Masters Research Project

Applications are welcome from all applicants with a degree-level (or equivalent) qualification or substantial relevant work experience, specifically;

  • Applicants with a Bachelor’s degree from a UK or recognised overseas University with a Second Class honours or equivalent
  • Applicants who have achieved the academic requirements for corporate membership of a British Chartered Professional Institute (equivalent to QCF level 6 or above) or any other relevant qualification
  • Applicants who possess at least three years of managerial experience with a reasonable level of formal academic education

Programme start date

Programme currently suspended. Expected next intake in October 2018.

Please be aware that all intakes for the postgraduate/post-experience programmes are recruitment driven requiring a minimum number of students to make a viable study group. You will be advised 6 weeks before the advertised start date whether the programme will run.

Fees and Funding

Sources of funding for business training are constantly changing, but pockets do exist.

Please look at our Fees and Funding page for full details.

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