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European Summer School for Advanced Management

ESSAM mission

The summer school has a long history; ESSAM began in 1987. We do not, however, rely on the past - rather we make sure our programme each year is updated and in line with the latest developments within European business and management.

Globalization of business has increased the demand for innovative and entrepreneurial managers in small and large companies.  We co-operate closely with small, medium and large companies where innovation is the key issue for survival and growth. During the programme we show how large companies integrate the innovation concept in their branding. For smaller and new-born companies we focus on innovation as an integral part of entrepreneurship.

The success of ESSAM is based upon all participating stakeholders. We have a truly global faculty, key note speakers, young executives and MBA students who all join forces in creating an intensive learning lab with a strong European focus.

ESSAM provides an intercultural learning process. You encounter cultural and social differences and to cope with these in a multi-cultural setting is a very important aspect of the process of developing managerial skills. We believe that the optimal approach to enlarging your personal capacities for understanding people is to be put in a situation where you have to work closely together with them. This is important for employers and employees alike. We achieve exactly this atmosphere by bringing participants together from all over the world and let them work on real projects in real settings.


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