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Majd AbedRabbo

Doctoral student Majd AbedRabbo conducts research into the impact of customer experience on town centre performance

Majd AbedRabbo
Supervisors: Dr Cathy Hart and Dr Fiona Ellis-Chadwick
Dissertation Topic: 'Connected experiences: An empirical investigation into the dynamics of physical/digital shopping behaviour and the impact on town centres'

Nicholas Barker
Supervisors: Prof Vicky Story and Dr Julie Holland (external: Nottingham Trent)
Dissertation Topic: 'Entrepreneurial learning from market experimentation'

Jinqiu (Joy) Cai
Supervisors: Prof Anne Souchon, Prof Paul Hughes (external: Nottingham) and Dr Kalaniet Efrat (external)
Dissertation Topic: 'Exploitation and exploration capabilities, decision-making styles, innovation process and performance in the export context'

Dayle Childs
Supervisors: Prof John Cadogan and Prof Nick Lee (external: Warwick)
Dissertation Topic: TBC

Rachel Fuller
Supervisors: Prof Thorsten Gruber and Dr Lara Stocchi (external)
Dissertation Topic: 'Developing and testing a new framework for how consumers narrow down brands for choice'

Pijak Pakhunwanich
Supervisors: Prof Vicky Story and Prof John Cadogan
Dissertation Topic: 'The role of entrepreneurial orientation in the relationship between product proliferation and business performance'

Artemi Tonikidou
Supervisors: Prof Mat Hughes and Prof Anne Souchon
Dissertation Topic: 'Improvisation and new product development in Greek high-tech small- and medium-sized enterprises'

Roumpini Tsakona
Supervisor: Prof John Cadogan
Dissertation Topic: 'Ethical marketing strategies of multinational enterprises'

Eleni Tsougkou
Supervisors: Prof John CadoganDr Ian Hodgkinson and Dr Joao Oliveira
Dissertation Topic: 'Institutional entrepreneurship: Institutional environment and network ties as strategic determinants of entrepreneurial orientation and performance'

Nahid Yazdani
Supervisors: Prof John Cadogan and Dr Keme Ifie
Dissertation Topic: 'Integration of the export marketing channel: A real option perspective'

Gilles Ysebaert
Supervisors: Dr Debbie Keeling (external), Dr João Oliveira and Prof Ko De Ruyter (external: Maastricht University)
Dissertation Topic: 'Rewriting the terms of endearment. A longitudinal approach to developing sustainable Channel Partner Programmes'

Recent PhD Graduates

Peter Dickenson
Supervisor: Prof Anne Souchon
Project title: Entitativity in sponsorship and purchase intentions

Gunawan Gunawan 
Supervisors: Dr Fiona Ellis-Chadwick and Prof Emeritus Malcolm King
Project Title: Performance Measurement Among Small and Medium-Sized UK Internet Retailers

Cathy Hart
Supervisor: Prof Neil Doherty

Nikolaos Kakkos 
Supervisors: Prof Anne Souchon and Prof Adamantios Diamantopoulos (external)
Project Title: An Integrated Approach to Export Performance Assessments

Tiffany Kit Peng Lam 
Supervisor: Prof John Cadogan
Project Title: Antecedents and Consequences of Market Orientation - An Examination in the JV’s Relational Context

Vagelis Korobilis-Magas
Supervisors: Prof Anne Souchon and Dr Belinda Dewsnap

Konstantinos Malagas 
Supervisor: Prof Vicky Story
Market Orientation and Implications on the Airline Industry

Abdul Talib Asmat Nizam 
Supervisor: Prof John Cadogan
Project Title: Differences in Market-Oriented Behaviour Levels Across Firms’ Domestic and Export Marketing Operations - A Study of Antecedents and Consequence

Grazyna Stachow
Supervisors: Dr Mohammed Rafiq (external) and Dr Cathy Hart
Project Title: Retail Image of Town and City Centres

Joseph Sy-Changco
Supervisor: Prof Anne Souchon
Project Title: Export Memory – A Preliminary Investigation of its Quality, its Use, and its Link to Export Performance

Paul Taylor-West

Sören Winklemann
Supervised by Dr Nina Michaelidou and Prof Jim Saker
Project title: Events marketing vs events sponsorship: Performance related outcomes and the moderating effect of brand orientation

Meimei Wu 
Supervisors: Dr Robert Hamilton
Project Title: The Consumers’ Adoption of Internet Banking in China

Arvind Yadav
Supervisors: Prof Paul Dobson (external) and Dr Jonathan Seaton
Project Title: Emerging Trends in Retailing in India