School of Business and Economics

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Current research students  

Alfred Ignatius Ajayi
Supervisors: Dr Lili Yang and Prof Malcolm King
Dissertation Topic: 'Customer relations management implementation: Lagos business and contemporary issues'

Zoe Anastasiou
Supervisors: Dr Nikos Argyris and Prof Gilberto Montibeller
Dissertation Topic: 'Decision analysis for preference learning: Making decisions without full utility information'

Pol Arias-Melià
Supervisors: Prof Jiyin Liu and Dr Rupal Rana
Dissertation Topic: 'Workforce scheduling and vehicle sharing to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and improve service quality'

Niniet Arvitrida
Supervisors: Prof Stewart Robinson, Dr Antuela Tako and Dr Duncan Robertson 
Dissertation Topic: 'Competition and collaboration in supply chains: An agent-based modelling approach'

Gary Bennett
Supervisors: Dr Lili Yang and Dr Boyka Simeonova
Dissertation Topic: 'Models for flood evacuation planning'

Rosamund Chester Buxton
Supervisors: Dr Ian Hodgkinson and Dr Nicola Bateman (external: Leicester)
Dissertation Topic: 'How do UK public service organisations use performance measures to inform performance management activities?'

Claire Feeney
Supervisors: Prof Luis-Alberto Franco and Prof E Stokoe (Social Science)
Dissertation Topic: 'Effective strategies in business presentations: A conversation analytic study'

Zirui Feng
Supervisors: Dr Grammatoula Papaioannou and Dr Rupal Rana
Dissertation Topic: 'Predicting the impact of natural disasters to supply chain recovery plans of large businesses'

Peter Gardner
Supervisor: TBC
Dissertation Topic: 'How effective is visual management in team decision making at an operational level in a service sector environment'

Tatiana Ioana Gherman
Supervisors: Prof Luis-Alberto Franco and Dr E Stokoe (Social Science)
Dissertation Topic: 'Zooming in on the practice of operational research'

Götz Heinrich Giering
Supervisors: Prof Gilberto Montibeller and Prof Luis-Alberto Franco
Dissertation Topic: 'The dynamics of multi-attribute choices - Preference construction and concreteness'

Anastasia Gogi
Supervisors: Dr Antuela Tako and Prof Stewart Robinson 
Dissertation Topic: 'The use of simulation models to support business decision making'

Chenlu Ji
Supervisors: Dr Rupal Rana and Prof Jiyin Liu
Dissertation Topic: 'Service scheduling to minimise the risk of missing appointments'

Chenlu Li
Supervisors: Prof Baibing Li and Dr Kai-Hong Tee
Dissertation Topic: 'State-space models with Markov-switching Copula in modelling financial returns'

Tianyi Ma
Supervisors: Prof Baibing Li and Dr Kai-Hong Tee
Dissertation Topic: 'Econometric modelling for arbitrage asymmetry in multi-factor asset pricing'

Karen Maher
Supervisors: Dr Ray Randall and Dr Nicola Bateman (external: Leicester)
Dissertation Topic: 'Analysing the links between operational effectiveness for the Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) and firefighters’ fitness and wellbeing'

Sibi Markose
Supervisors: Dr Ian Hodgkinson and Dr Nicola Bateman (external: Leicester)
Dissertation Topic: 'Lean sustainability in a privatised regulated organisation: An exploratory case study of Royal Mail'

Michael Mortenson
Supervisors: Prof Stewart Robinson
Dissertation Topic: 'Is operational research in UK universities fit for purpose for the developing field of analytics'

Fahham Hasan Qaiser
Supervisors: Dr Alok Choudhary and Dr Martin Sykora
Dissertation Topic: 'An intelligent decision support system for sustainable intermodal freight transport'

Naoum Tsioptsias
Supervisors: Dr Antuela Tako and Prof Stewart Robinson 
Dissertation Topic: 'What and how can we Learn from wrong models?'

Gavin White
Supervisors: Dr Louise Cooke and Dr Nicola Bateman (external: Leicester)
Dissertation topic: 'Visualisation of file structures at 3M using semantic technologies'

Hanjing Zhang
Supervisors: Dr Antuela Tako, Dr L Jackson (external) and Prof Jiyin Liu
Dissertation Topic: 'Optimised demand modelling PhD'

Rui Zhao
Supervisors: Dr Alok Choudhary and Dr Louise Cooke
Dissertation Topic: 'The effects of institutional factors on trust and knowledge sharing in the context of supply chain collaboration'

Yizi Zhou
Supervisors: Prof Jiyin Liu and Dr Rupal Rana
Dissertation Topic: 'Dynamic pricing and scheduling to reduce carbon dioxide emissions'

Fahim Ahmed
Teaching Fellow, University of Strathclyde

Marc Fabian Bollbach
Head of SFG Service fuer Gasaufbereitung GmbH, Germany

Amjad Fayoumi
Lecturer in Nottingham Trent University, UK

Anastasia Gogi
Research Associate, Loughborough University

Hendrik Lamsali
Senior Lecturer,  School of Technology and Logistics Management Universiti Utara Malaysia, Malaysia

Raj Prasanna
Senior lecturer in Massey University, New Zealand

Eko Satiawan
Assistant Professor, Department of Industrial Engineering, Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta, Indonesia

Yixing Shan
Senior consultant, in a company in China

Stella Despoudi
Lecturer at Coventry Business School

Zheng Tong
Inventory Manager, eBay
(Previously worked as Senior Analyst at Tesco; and as Management Consultant at Capgemini Consulting)

Niniet Arvitirida
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Indonesia