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Prof Xiaohui Liu

Professor Xiaohui Liu

Professor Liu conducts research in knowledge spill-overs, human mobility and emerging economies

Our research

The following is an illustrative list of research interests organised loosely into the three thematic clusters:

International Business

  • Internationalisation strategies of emerging market firms
  • Human mobility and international knowledge spillovers
  • Returnee entrepreneurs
  • Performance of Chinese high-tech firms
  • Cross-cultural management and teams
  • International negotiations
  • Corporate governance and internationalisation
  • Executive pay practices


  • Global sourcing strategies
  • Strategy and family businesses
  • Strategy in the public sector
  • Strategic management of information technology
  • Culture, identity and strategy
  • Planning and improvisation in emerging economies
  • Strategic ambidexterity in service industries
  • Organising for virtual work
  • Institutions and firms in emerging markets
  • Managing globalisation in India and China
  • International teamwork

Innovation and Entrepreneurship

  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Digitally enabled social innovations
  • Strategy and social media
  • Fintech innovations
  • Outsourcing of innovation
  • Innovation in management education
  • Enterprise and innovation
  • Innovation in high-tech firms
  • Technology start-ups
  • Public-sector innovations