School of Business and Economics

Discipline groups

Dr Ian Hodgkinson is an Associate Editor of Journal of Service Management

Professor Mat Hughes is an Associate Editor of British Journal of Management and Editorial Board Member of Journal of Management Studies, Journal of Business Venturing and International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing

Professor Xiaohui Liu is an Advisory Editor of Research Policy, Senior Editor of Management and Organization Review and Editorial Board Member of Strategic Entrepreneurship JournalAsian Business and Management and Journal of Chinese Economic and Business Studies

Professor Ilan Oshri is a Senior Editor of Journal of Information Technology and an Associate Editor of MIS Quarterly

Professor M.N. Ravishankar is a Senior Editor of Information Systems Journal, Associate Editor of Information and Management, International Journal of Information Management and Editorial Board Member of IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

The IBSI Group has either led or been a key player in the following funded projects:

  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Project: “28+ Perspectives on Brexit Negotiations”, Elena Georgiadou
  • British Academy. Project: “Co-creation and the Casualization of Sport and Fitness Participation: Does Neoliberalism Produce Solutions to Social inclusion and Public Well-Being?”, Ian Hodgkinson
  • British Academy. Project: “International Marketing Performance Implications of Emerging Market Firms' Global Marketing Strategies”, Ian Hodgkinson
  • Institute for Family Business. Project: “Entrepreneurial Orientation in Family Firms”, Mat Hughes
  • Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (ISBE) Research and Knowledge Exchange (RAKE) Fund. Project: “The Influence of Family Firms on the Sustainability of Start-up/Nascent Enterprises”, Mat Hughes
  • Leverhulme Trust. Project: “CEO Compensation, Subnational Institutions and Firm Internationalisation”, Xiaohui Liu
  • The National Natural Science Foundation of China. Project: “The Role of Returnees in Resource Acquisition, Innovation, and the Internationalization of Chinese Firms”, Xiaohui Liu
  • The National Natural Science Foundation of China. Project: “The Process, Challenges and Promotion Mechanisms of Returnee Entrepreneurship: An International Knowledge Transfer Perspective”, Xiaohui Liu
  • The National Natural Science Foundation of China. Project: “Home country Institutional Voids and Chinese Multinationals’ Investment Strategy and Performance”, Xiaohui Liu
  • Lindahl and Nordic IT Outsourcing & Software Development Association. Project: “The Ladder to Innovation in Outsourcing”, Ilan Oshri and Angelika Zimmermann
  • UK Trade and Industry (UKTI). Project: “Positioning the UK as an Attractive Outsourcing Destination”, Ilan Oshri and M.N. Ravishankar
  • Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC). Project: “Development Implications of Digital Economies”, M.N. Ravishankar
  • Newton Fund. Project: “Developing an Agenda for Fintech Research in Emerging Economies”, M.N. Ravishankar
  • Simplicity Consulting.  Project: “Organisational Design and Complexity”, Alex Wilson and M.N. Ravishankar
  • Chartered Association of Business Schools (C-ABS).  Project: “An Analysis of Strategic Groups – UK Business Schools”, Alex Wilson
  • British Academy. Project: “Offshoring Attitudes and Relationships: A Qualitative Case Study of German-Indian and British-Indian Offshoring Collaborations”, Angelika Zimmermann and M.N. Ravishankar