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Dr Martin Sykora

Dr Martin Sykora

Dr Sykora's research is in social media analytics, big data, text mining and information retrieval and management

Research Projects

Current research projects

A12M: Adaptive Informatics for Intelligent Manufacturing
Principle investigator: Professor Thomas Jackson

Benefits Realization Management
Principle investigators: Dr Crispin R. Coombs and Professor Neil F. Doherty

DIVA: Data Intensive Visual Analytics - Provenance and Uncertainty in Human Terrain Analysis 
Principle Investigator: Dr JD Wood; Co-Investigators: Dr D Stephens Professor JA Dykes, Dr K Xu.

Email Knowledge Extraction 
Principle investigator: Professor Thomas Jackson

EMOTIVE - Extracting the Meaning Of Terse Information in a Geo-Visualisation of Em otion
Principle investigator: Professor Thomas Jackson Co-Investigator: Dr. Ann O’Brien Research Associate: Dr. Martin Sykora

iMAPS - Integrated Mapping of fActors for Participation in Swimming
Principle investigator: Professor Thomas Jackson

MAIPLE (Managing Access to the Internet in Public Libraries)
Principle Investigator: Dr Louise Cooke; Co-Investigators: Claire Creaser and Adrienne Muir Research Associate Rachel Spacey

Navigating the Gap 
Principle investigator: Dr Donna Champion

Robust Lifecycle Design and Health Monitoring for Fuel-Cell Extended Performance (RESILIENCE)
Principle Investigator: Professor Thomas Jackson