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Ruochen Li

Ruochen Li

Ruochen Li is a doctoral researcher in Economics, currently investigating industrial organisation and game theory

Victor Ajayi
Supervisors: Prof Tom Weyman-Jones, Prof Elizabeth Hooper (external) and Dr Anthony Glass
Dissertation Topic: TBC

Robert Akunga
Supervisors: Dr Ahmad Ahmad and Dr Simeon Coleman
Dissertation Topic: ‘Macroeconomic variable and stock market integration: A case study of the East African community’

Adedoyin Babajide
Supervisors: Dr Ahmad Ahmad and Dr Simeon Coleman
Dissertation Topic: TBC

Mohammad Hadi Hazwan Bin Haji Haini
Supervisors: Dr Ahmad Ahmad and Dr Anthony Glass
Dissertation Topic: ‘The finance-growth nexus re-visited: Emerging country studies with reference to constitutional and political factors’

Alqaas Chaudhry
Supervisors: Dr Ahmad Ahmad and Dr Simeon Coleman
Dissertation Title: 'Fiscal policy and public debt management in developing countries'

My Diem Dinh
Supervisors: Dr Simona Rasciute and Prof Paul Downward (SEHSS)
Dissertation Topic: ‘The impact of travel mode choice and travel duration on health, well-being and job choice and satisfaction. A discrete choice modelling analysis’

Ratula Dobson
Supervisors: Dr Jonathan Seaton and Dr Cathy Hart
Dissertation Topic: 'Pricing in the UK one-stop grocery shopping market'

Mustapha Douch
Supervisors: Dr Huw Edwards and Dr Chris Spencer
Dissertation Topic: ‘Fully funded studentships relating to the Firms in the Global Economy RIG’

Daniel Gravino
Supervisors: Dr Huw Edwards, Dr Ben Ferrett and Dr Falzon (Malta)
Dissertation Topic: ‘The economic case for a common regional foreign direct investment policy for the EU’

Tien-Der Han
Supervisors: Dr Luke Garrod and Dr Huw Edwards
Dissertation Topic: ‘Industrial organisation’

Samuel Komakech
Supervisor: Prof Chris Green
Dissertation Topic: ‘Capital structure choices of companies in least developed countries: a case study of companies listed on the East Africa Stock Exchanges’

Ruochen Li
Supervisors: Dr Chris Wilson and Dr Luke Garrod
Dissertation Topic: ‘How prices and consumers' purchasing behaviour could be changed during peak demand periods? Evidence from scanner data membership card’

Leyla Mammadova
Supervisors: Dr Karligash Glass and Prof Alistair Milne
Dissertation Topic: 'Credit risk modelling of peer-to-peer lending'

Alhassan Allie Mansaray
Supervisors: Dr Simeon Coleman
Dissertation Topic: ‘Public private partnership: Fiscal risks For developing countries - lesson For Sierra Leone’

David McNulty
Supervisors: Dr Karligash Glass and Prof Alistair Milne
Dissertation Topic: 'An investigation into the influence of regulatory environments upon financial crises and vice versa'

Sathya Mellina
Supervisors: Dr Chris Spencer and Dr Kavita Sirichand
Dissertation Topic: ‘Central Bank communication and financial crises’

Angela Cryton Nelson Mjojo
Supervisors: Dr Ahmad Ahmad and Prof Alistair Milne
Dissertation Topic: ‘Essays on financial stability in Malawi’

Sara Navid
Supervisor: Prof David Saal and Dr Karligash Glass
Dissertation Topic: 'Extending Our Understanding of Islamic Banking through Questioning Assumptions and Drawing Unprecedented Comparisons'

Jieye Qin
Supervisors: Prof Chris Green and Dr Kavita Sirichand
Dissertation Topic: TBC

Carlos Sakri-Nyarko
Supervisors: Dr Ahmad Ahmad and Prof Chris Green
Dissertation Topic: ‘Financial inclusion, poverty alleviation and development in West Africa’

Akinsehinwa Sharimakin
Supervisors: Dr Anthony Glass and Prof Tom Weyman-Jones
Dissertation Topic: ‘Power sector reform, electricity efficiency and consumers' welfare’

Shiwei Su
Supervisors: Dr Ahmad Ahmad and Dr Justine Wood
Dissertation Topic: ‘The impact of the desire of communication and macroeconomic conditions on communication and monetary policy: An international comparison including some emerging economies’

Yuan Tian
Supervisors: Prof Eric Pentecost and Prof Terence Mills
Dissertation Topic: ‘Foreign direct investment and macroeconomic volatility’

Bingquan Zhao
Supervisors: Dr Karligash Glass and Dr Anthony Glass
Dissertation Topic: ‘Productivity of banking efficiency: Evidence from the US’

Morakinyo Opeoluwa Adetutu

Glass, A
Weyman-Jones, T

Modeling Enironmental Efficiency in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Stochastic Fontier Aalysis of CO2 Emissions

Timothy John Burrows

Glass, K
Weyman-Jones, T

The Managerial Performance Of Mutual Funds: An Empirical Study

James Carroll

Glass, A
Gourlay, A
Weyman-Jones, T

Research and Teaching Costs

Yawen Hudson

Green, C

Institutional Investors Sentiment and Herding Behaviour

Paraskevi Katsiampa

Mills, T

Nonlinear Exponential Autoregressive Time Series Models with Conditional Heteroskedastic Errors with Applications to Economics and Finance

Shibo Liu

Glass, K
Leger, L

Statistical Inference and Efficient Portfolio Investment Performance

Saleh Said Salim Masan

Ahmad, A

Effect of Oil Price Uncertainty in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)

Arman Mazhikeyev

Ferrett, B
Edwards, H

Trade Policy in Central Asia

Jia Ren

Pentecost, E
Turner, P

Determinants and Impact of Foreign Direct Investment in China: A National and Regional Analysis

Burcu Senalp

Wilson, C
Garrod, L

Essays on Vertical Market Structure
Employment: Lecturer, Kirklareli University, Turkey

Umut Senalp

Mukherjee, A
Wilson, C

Essays on Firm Heterogeneity and International Trade

Rozina Shaheen

Turner, P

An Empirical Evaluation of Monetary and Fiscal Policy in Pakistan

Wangari M. Wang'ombe

Paez-Farrell, J
Turner, P

An Empirical Investigation of Measures Taken to Enhance Intra-Africa Trade

Meilan Yan 

Hall, M
Turner, P

An Assessment of UK Banking Liquidity Regulation and Supervision

Zeyi Yu

Glass, A
Weyman-Jones, T

Efficiency and Competition Analysis in Nine Asian Banking Industries