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Dr Ben Ferrett

Dr Ben Ferrett

Dr Ben Ferrett is an applied game theorist with research interests covering international trade, industrial organisation and public economics


International Economics and Trade

Our current research into the microeconomics of international trade and globalisation uses frontier techniques from both applied game theory and applied econometrics to address policy-relevant questions.

Specimen research questions include: How do economic integration and natural geography affect the outcomes of tax/subsidy competition between national governments for foreign direct investment (FDI) projects? How can the empirical analysis of trade liberalisation via gravity and computable-general-equilibrium (CGE) modelling be advanced to reflect the latest insights from economic theory, such as heterogeneous-firm models? What determines the form taken by cross-border collaborative agreements between firms of different nationalities when contracts are incomplete and search is costly?

The results of our research are disseminated through participation in, and organisation of, international research workshops and conferences. Our academics have published papers in leading journals, such as EconomicaCanadian Journal of EconomicsReview of International EconomicsInternational Business Review, Regional Science and Urban Economics and International Tax and Public Finance. We have also had an impact on policy: for example, Dr Huw Edwards was a major contributor to policy reports to the European Commission in 2006 and 2007, which led to the Deeper Integration Agreements with Ukraine (2014) and South Korea (2011) respectively.

Members working within the International Economics and Trade theme:

Dr Anna Rita Bennato

E: +44 (0)1509 222702

Industrial economics and applied microeconomics; pharmaceutical sector; firm’s growth strategies; the role of patent in the innovation process

Selected publications

  • Bennato, A.R. and Valletti, T. (2014), "Pharmaceutical Innovation and Parallel Trade"  in International Journal of Industrial Organization, Vol.33, pages 83-92.
  • Bennato, A.R. (2015),  Book Review: "Pharmaceutical Innovation, Competition and Patent Law. A Trilateral Perspective" (eds. Josef Drexl and Nari Lee), in World Competition. Law and Economics Review, Vol. 38. pages 175-176


Dr Huw Edwards

T: +44 (0)1509 222717

Applied general equilibrium modelling; international trade; transition economies

Selected publications

  • Edwards, TH, Kren, J, Van Hove, J (2016) Dynamics in European Exports in Times of Crisis: The Impact on Growth at Home and Abroad, Romanian Journal of Fiscal Policy, 6(1), pp.28-46, ISSN: 2069-0983. Full text: 
  • Edwards, TH, Mazikeyev, A, Rizov, M (2015) Openness and isolation: The trade performance of the former Soviet Central Asian countries, International Business Review, 24(6), pp.935-947, ISSN: 1873-6149. Full text: DOI: 10.1016/j.ibusrev.2015.03.001
  • Edwards, TH and Poyago-Theotoky, J (2013) Regulatory Protection When Firms Decide First on Technical Collaboration and R&D, Review of International Economics, 21(4), pp.750-764, DOI: 10.1111/roie.12068
  • Edwards, TH (2012) Mutual Recognition versus National Treatment of Standards in a Classical Monopoly or Oligopoly, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 168(3), pp.455-487, ISSN: 0932-4569. DOI: 10.1628/093245612802921015


Dr Ben Ferrett

T: +44 (0)1509 222712

Globalisation; international trade; foreign direct investment; multinational enterprises; industrial organisation

Selected publications

  • “Mergers in Multidimensional Competition” with Carl Davidson, Economica, 2007, 74, pp. 695–712.
  • “Wage-Setting Institutions and R&D Collaboration Networks” with Vasileios Zikos, Australian Economic Papers, 2013, 52(2), pp. 61-78.
  • “Horizontal Agreements and R&D Complementarities: Merger versus RJV” with J Poyago-Theotoky, International Journal of the Economics of Business, 2016.

Dr Simona Rasciute

T: +44 (0)1509 223620

Foreign direct investment; discrete choice methodology

Selected publications

  • Rasciute, S, Puckett, S, Pentecost, EJ (2015) The allocation Of OECD direct investment between CEECs: A discrete choice approach, Bulletin of Economic Research, 67, pp.S26-S39, ISSN: 0307-3378. DOI: 10.1111/boer.12032
  • Rasciute, S, Pentecost, E, Ferrett, B (2014) Firm heterogeneity in modelling foreign direct investment location decisions, Applied Economics, 46(12), pp.1350-1360, ISSN: 0003-6846. DOI: 10.1080/00036846.2013.872760
  • Rasciute, S and Pentecost, EJ (2010) A Nested Logit Approach to Modelling the Location of Foreign Direct Investment in the Central and Eastern European Countries, Economic Modelling, 27(1), pp.32-39