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Dr Karligash Glass

Dr Karligash Glass

Dr Karligash Glass's research is on banking and finance, applied econometrics, productivity and performance, and emerging economies

Economics Discipline Group

Financial Economics and Banking Research Theme

Members working within this theme look at different aspects of financial economics and banking from hands on regulatory institutional and policy analysis to more theoretical and applied econometrics.

For example David Llewellyn’s main areas of research are currently in three related areas: the theory and practice of financial regulation (both prudential and conduct of business); the culture of banks and their staff including whether there are differences in culture as between Shareholder Value and Stakeholder Value banks, and Competitive Strategies in European Banking including both Shareholder Value and Stakeholder Value banks. Some of this research derives from being Chair of the Banking Stakeholder Group of the European Banking Authority (the pan EU regulator of banks). Karligash Glass’ main research interests and publications cover a range of topics on banking and finance using advanced econometric techniques. Her recent publications include articles published in the Journal of Econometrics and Oxford Economic Papers.

Our financial economics and banking researchers also work closely with researchers in the schools Accounting and Financial Management discipline group (Dr. Alper Kara, Professor Alistair Milne, Dr Kavita Sirichand). Professor Alistair Milne, works on bank capital management and regulation and also on financial technology and financial infrastructure for example retail systems and how new payments technologies are changing the industrial organisation of banking.

Members working within the Financial Economics and Banking theme and their research

Dr Karligash (Kenjegalieva) Glass

T: +44 (0)1509 222708

Efficiency and productivity analysis; semi-parametric and non-parametric econometrics; transition and developing banking/economies

Karligash Glass’s main research interests and publications cover a range of topics on banking and finance using advanced econometric techniques. Her recent publications include articles published in the Journal of Econometrics and Oxford Economic Papers.

Selected publications
  • Glass, AJ, Kenjegalieva, K, Sickles, RC (2016) A spatial autoregressive stochastic frontier model for panel data with asymmetric efficiency spillovers, Journal of Econometrics, 190(2), pp.289-300, ISSN: 0304-4076. DOI: 10.1016/j.jeconom.2015.06.011 .
  • Glass, AJ, Kenjegalieva, K, Sickles, R (2016) Returns to scale and curvature in the presence of spillovers: Evidence from European countries, Oxford Economic Papers, 68(1), pp.40-63, DOI: 10.1093/oep/gpv052.

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Professor Christopher Green

T: +44 (0)1509 222711

Portfolio analysis; financial markets and company finance in industrial and developing countries

Selected publications
  • Green, CJ, Bai, Y, Murinde, V, Ngoka, K, Maana, I, Tiriongo, S (Accepted for publication) Overnight Interbank Markets and the Determination of the Interbank Rate: A Selective Survey, International Review of Financial Analysis, 44, pp.149-161, DOI: 10.1016/j.irfa.2016.01.014.
  • Hudson, Y and Green, CJ (2015) Is investor sentiment contagious? International sentiment and UK equity returns, Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance, 5, pp.46-59, ISSN: 2214-6350. DOI: 10.1016/j.jbef.2015.02.004.
  • Camilleri, SJ and Green, CJ (2014) Stock market predictability: Non-synchronous trading or inefficient markets? Evidence from the national stock exchange of India, Studies in Economics and Finance, 31(4), pp.1086-7376, ISSN: 1086-7376. DOI: 10.1108/SEF-06-2012-0070.
  • Tao, J and Green, CJ (2013) Transactions costs, index arbitrage and non-linear dynamics between ftse100 spot and futures: A threshold cointegration analysis, International Journal of Finance and Economics, 18(2), pp.175-187, ISSN: 1076-9307. DOI: 10.1002/ijfe.463.
  • Xu, Y and Green, CJ (2013) Asset pricing with investor sentiment: Evidence from chinese stock markets*, Manchester School, 81(1), pp.1-32, ISSN: 1463-6786. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9957.2011.02260.x.

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Professor Emeritus David Llewellyn

T: +44 (0)1509 222700

Analysis of financial institutions and markets, financial regulation and competitive strategies in the financial sector

Selected publications
  • The Economic Rationale of Financial Regulation, Occasional Paper No. 1, Financial Services Authority, London, pp 1-57, March 1999.
  • Investigating Diversity in European Banking: The Role of Cooperative Banks, with R Ayadi and Reinhard Schmidt, Centre for European Policy Studies, Brussels, 2010.
  • Financial Innovation in Retail and Corporate Banking, ed. with Luisa Anderloni and Reinhard Schmidt, Edward Elgar, 2009.
  • The Global Banking Crisis and the Post Crisis Banking and Regulatory Scenario, Topics in Corporate Finance, Amsterdam Centre for Corporate Finance, University of Amsterdam, 2010.
  • 'Alternative Approaches to Regulation and Corporate Governance in Financial Firms' in R. Brealey et al.Financial Stability and Central Banks, Routledge, London, 2001, pp. 107-143.
  • “Competition and Profitability in UK Banking: Why are British Banks so Profitable?”,Economic Notes, vol 34, No. 3, pp 279-311.

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