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Bader Alsubaiei

Doctoral student Bader Alsubaiei's research is focused on mutual fund performance in Saudi Arabia

Current doctoral students

Frederick Senanu Ahiabor
Supervisors: Prof Alistair Milne and Dr Alper Kara
Dissertation Topic: ‘Infrastructure and Project Finance’

Athari Alahmadi
Supervisors: Prof Noel O'Sullivan and Dr Anna Raffoni
Dissertation Topic: ‘Is the Middle East losing by not having more women on corporate boards’

Bader Alsubaiei
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Vivian and Dr Giovanni Calice
Dissertation Topic: ‘Mutual fund performance and characteristics in Saudi Arabia’

Mohamad Iqbal Aruzzi
Supervisor: Dr Andrew Higson
Dissertation Topic: ‘Government institutions' use of whistleblowing to detect corruption: An examination of whistleblowing policies in Indonesia to reduce corruption’

Peter Baldacchino
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Higson and Dr Suzana Grubnic
Dissertation Topic: TBC

Dimitrios Bolovinos
Supervisors: Prof Will Seal and Dr Andrew Higson
Dissertation Topic: ‘Implementation of activity-based costing (ABC) in the Greek banking sector and the organizational change during economic and political upheaval’

Ilias Chondrogiannis
Supervisors: Prof Mark Freeman (external: York) and Dr Andrew Vivian
Dissertation Topic: ‘Long-term investment in the presence of financial disasters’

Jonathan Dingli
Supervisor: Dr Andrew Higson and Dr Buhagiar (external: Malta)
Dissertation Topic: ‘Non-publicly accountable entities (NPAE) accounting and financial reporting’

Xuan Hai Dinh
Supervisors: Prof Alistair Milne and Prof Eric Pentecost
Dissertation Topic: ‘Financial liberalisation and economic growth in developing countries’

Tariq Zaglol Elrazaz
Supervisor: Prof Noel O'Sullivan
Dissertation Topic: ‘Do acquirers see through the numbers? The impact of earnings management on acquirers returns’

Atilla Gumus
Supervisors: Dr Alper Kara
Dissertation Topic: ‘Consumer and business bankruptcy and insolvency decisions in the UK

Chusu He
Supervisors: Prof Alistair Milne
Dissertation Topic: ‘Infrastructure and project finance’

Ian Herbert
Supervisors: Prof Lin Fitzgerald and Prof M.N. Ravishankar
Dissertation Topic: 'The evolving role of the financial function'

Ahmed Sami El-Sayed Ibrahim
Supervisors: Prof Chris Green, Dr Giovanni Calice and Dr Thanasset (Nottingham)
Dissertation Topic: ‘Heuristics and biases in asset pricing’

Egor Kiselev
Supervisors: Skerratt (Len) and Viktor Suslov, Russia (external)
Dissertation Topic: 'Abnormal earnings growth and residual income valuation models in contrarian strategies'

Fong Ching Lam
Supervisors: Dr Suzana Grubnic and Dr Jaqui Glass (external) 
Dissertation Topic: TBC

Xiang Li
Supervisors: Prof Huainan Zhao 
Dissertation Topic: 'The effect of CEO post-merger position dynamics'

Ye (Fiona) Lu
Supervisors: Dr Ian Herbert and Prof Will Seal
Dissertation Topic: ‘Internal price mechanisms and practices’

Sarah Gamal Abdallah Mohamed
Supervisors: Prof Will Seal, Dr Suzana Grubnic and Dr Mohd Kharuddin (external)
Dissertation Topic: ‘Conceptualizing the developments around management control systems in light of the adoption of new innovation technologies: The case of lean management'

Wendyann Richardson
Supervisor: Prof Noel O'Sullivan
Dissertation Topic: ‘The impact of strategic decisions and corporate governance in UK banks: Results of mergers and acquisitions’

Norbert Tabone
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Higson and Dr Buhagiar (external: Malta)
Dissertation Topic: ‘The expectations gap in financial reporting: an evaluation of role of accounting and audit education in Malta’

Rongbing Xiao
Supervisors: TBC
Dissertation Topic: ‘A study on the determinants of corporations' hedging decisions’

Xiao Yu
Supervisors: TBC
Dissertation Topic: ‘Equity valuation using accounting numbers’

Syed Muhammad Taqi Zaidi
Supervisor: Prof Noel O'Sullivan
Dissertation Topic: ‘Director 'busyness' and corporate performance’

George Mylonas
Supervisors: Dr Rhoda Brown and Dr Ali Ataullah
Dissertation Topic: ‘The impact of the international financial reporting standards adoption on a firms stock price, cost of capital, valuation and M&A corporate governance’

Rania Pasha
Supervisors: Dr Andrew Vivian and Dr El Domiaty (external)
Dissertation Topic: ‘The determination of cost of equity: An integrated risk approach’

Current Areas for PhD applicants

Member of the AFM Group are interested in supervising PhD students in the following areas:

  • Rhoda Brown: earnings management, financial reporting, the use of mixed methodologies in accounting research, and performance management
  • Giovanni Calice: asset pricing, credit derivatives, market microstructure, financial stability
  • Suzana Grubnic: sustainability accounting and accountability, particularly if related to the public sector
  • Ian Herbert: evolving role of the finance function and the impact of shared services on the design of the multi-divisional company and the implications for professional workers
  • Alper Kara: securitization, financial inclusion, access to finance, syndicated lending
  • Hui Li: topics in the area of corporate finance
  • Noel O’Sullivan: any area of corporate governance
  • Anna Raffoni: performance management in private organisations, the use of business analytics and big data in performance management, accounting practices in lean environments
  • Kavita Sirichand: any are of applied financial economics
  • Kai-Hong Tee: financial investment risk, liquidity risk, the foreign exchange market, hedge fund performance and asset pricing
  • Petros Vourvachis: organisational motivations for CSR reporting; ways to analyse and evaluate CSR reporting information; relationship of CSR reporting with media pressure; relationship of CSR reporting with corporate governance; CSR reporting by Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)
  • Huainan Zhao: corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, empirical asset pricing, financial markets