Centre for Service Management

About us

Leading Innovation, Driving Quality, Transforming Services… These are the fundamental pillars that guide CSM’s research focus, establishing its prominence as a global research centre in the field of service management.

CSM is concerned with research that matters. Our research focus (shown below) is situated at the individual, organisational, and societal levels and represents the themes that we believe matter most to all of us, individually and collectively, in service exchange.

At the individual level, our research focus is on: User-Centric Design, Empowering Users and Wellbeing.

At the organisational level, our research focus is on: Knowledge Application, Operating Models and Decision Making.

At the societal level, our research focus is on: Digitization, Sustainability and Resilience.

This is an interdisciplinary body of research. Drawing on Service logic: Service systems and strategy – Co-creation and co-production – Innovation and entrepreneurship – Recovery and risk – Quality and experience, CSM addresses the Real World Big Issues that matter:

  • Thriving in an Automated Service World
  • Engaging with the Disempowered
  • Managing Wellbeing for a Lifetime
  • Making Good Business Decisions
  • Enhancing Business Practices
  • Revitalising Town Centre Economies and Communities
  • Societal Engagement with Scarce Resources