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November 2016

Tom Jackson and Martin Sykora discuss how EMOTIVE works, filmed in the week prior to the US Presidential Election

October 2016

A new series of short films on the SBE's research impact were launched, including one with Professor Jackson and Dr Sykora on their Emotive project

September 2016

Dermot Turing came on campus to give a very well-received presentation on Alan Turing and his work at Bletchley Park, before and after WWII.

September 2015 - The Distinguished Speaker Lecture with Andrew Fisher, Executive Chairman of Shazam, who gave a special talk called 'Building a Billion Dollar Business through Data and Social Virality'

This was a unique opportunity to listen to an industry leader who has led significant growth at a number of technology focused enterprises. Andrew discussed the challenges and opportunities of using data to enable agile implementation of business decisions, providing personalised and relevant experiences to millions of users and maintaining consumer trust.