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12 November 2015

Book Launch: John Beckford's 'The Intelligent Organisation: Realising the Value of Information'

Presented By John Beckford + Special Guests

About this event

Please join us for a very exciting event in London to launch a new book:

The Intelligent Organisation: Realising the Value of Information

With author: John Beckford, Consultant and Visiting Professor, Centre for Information Management, and very special guests from industry

The Centre for Information Management is delighted to invite you to this book launch, hosted by ARUP. The launch provides the opportunity to hear author Beckford explain some of the key ideas in the book (published by Routledge Press in November 2015) and, importantly, how organisations have begun to apply them in practice. 

There are also several guest speakers joining us for the event from industry, allowing us a unique opportunity to gain expert insight into this interesting and rapidly evolving area.

About the book

The Intelligent Organisation by John Beckford offers a radical model of organisation based on the integration of structure, individuals and information. In this game-changing book, leading consultant John Beckford proposes a different way of designing organisations in order to transform their performance and capitalise on the potential offered by contemporary information capability.

This book demonstrates how an organisation designed backwards from its customers provides optimised autonomy for individuals and integrated, coherent information.

Drawing on ideas from management science, business information management, organisation theory and extensive professional practice, John argues that organisations have not evolved to process and derive meaning from exponentially increasing availability of data, and that the use of data for optimum performance requires fundamental organisational changes, not incremental improvement.

Beckford demonstrates how to effect these changes in real practice and the positive results these changes can yield, as well as the challenges in implementation and how to work around them.





Welcome by Professor Tom Jackson, Director of CIM


Guest Speakers:

James Robbins – CIO, Northumbrian Water Group

Mark Chadwick – Head of Business Improvement, Fusion21

Alan Thompson - European President, Toshiba


Interview with John Beckford, author

Questions and Answers

Tim Chapman - Director, London Infrastructure Group, ARUP