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Professor Tom Jackson BSc(Hons), PhD, FBCS

Photo of Professor Tom Jackson

Professor of Information and Knowledge Management

Associate Dean [Research]

Thomas Jackson holds a chair in Information and Knowledge Management and is the Director of the Centre for Information Management. His research areas are Electronic Communication and Information Retrieval, and Applied and Theory based Knowledge Management, including his Natural Language Processing Email Knowledge Extraction system (EKE) that has the world’s best f-ranking measure. In addition to this, EMOTIVE holds the world’s best f-measure for fine grained emotion detection. He is on a number of editorial boards for international journals and reviews for many more and has published more than 130 papers in peer reviewed journals and conferences. He has given a number of invited keynote talks throughout the world. He works closely with both private and public sector organisations throughout the world and over the last few years he has won over £5.2M of funding from sources including EPSRC, Royal Society, Private (e.g. SAP), Public (e.g. Leics. Constabulary, The National Archives); KTPs and 3rd Sector (Amateur Swimming Association – predicting swimmer attendance) and won a number of prizes for his research, notable the research undertaken with Leicestershire Police and the implementation of Mobile Data Terminals in all Police Vehicles.

  • Making sense from large terse data sets
  • Email Preservation and Archiving
  • Extracting the Meaning Of Terse Information in a Geo-Visualisation of Emotion (EMOTIVE)
  • Prediction modelling of swimming participation
  • The Cost Effectiveness of Electronic Communication within Organisations
  • Tool Assessment to Optimise the Knowledge Management Environment
  • Extracting Knowledge from Email Communication
  • Applying Autopoiesis to Knowledge Management in Organisations

To buy a copy of The email optimization toolkit please visit the ARK Group website

Associate Editor

  • Associate Editor for Information Resources Management Journal (IRMJ) 2005 to date
  • Associate Editor for International Journal of Cases on Electronic Commerce (IJCEC) 2004 to 2013


Editorial Boards

  • Member of the Editorial Board for the Journal of Knowledge and Process Management 2009 to date
  • Member of the International Editorial Review Board of the Software Quality Management Conference 2001 to date
  • Member of the International Editorial Review Board of the Empirical Assessment of Software Engineering Conference 2004 to 2009
  • Member of the International Editorial Review Board of the Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations (JECO) 2005 to date


External Committees

  • Member of the H2FC Supergen Science Board 2013 to date
  • National Knowledge Transfer Partnership Academic Champion 2011 to date
  • Member of the Program Committee for the European Conference on Knowledge Management (2011 to date)
  • Member of the Program Committee for Information Resources Management Association (IRMA) 2001 to 2008
  • EPSRC - Member of the Computer Science Panel 2005 

Keynotes, Seminars and Media

  • 2013 - Prof Jackson provides interviews for newspapers on email stress (Daily Mail, Evening Standard, Metro, Daily Telegraph).
  • 2013 - Prof Jackson STV Scotland Tonight to discuss email stress 
  • 2013 - Prof Jackson on BBC Radio Scotland to discuss email stress
  • 2013 - On the Expert panel for the London Assembly Budget and Performance Committee review of introducing new technology into the Met Police
  • 2012 - Public Record Office of Northern Ireland (PRONI) Conference "What to do with Employees that are too busy to manage their Email?" 
  • 2011 - Invited speaker by the Digital Preservation Coalition on Preserving Email: Directions and Perspectives. The title was “Emerging tools for email preservation”
  • 2011 - Invited Keynote for RIM Professionals Australasia at the conference Eye Opening View. Title of presentation “Email Preservation & Archiving”
  • 2011 - Invited keynote speaker at the RIM Professionals Australasia (Queensland) – “The Effects of Information Overload on Employees and their Productivity”.
  • 2011 - Invited keynote speaker at CimTech - The Future of Electronic Information and Records Management in the Public Sector. Keynote on “Meeting the challenges of Email management”
  • 2011 - Interview for the Global Mail – Canada ‘Confessions of an Inbox Obsessive’
  • 2010 - Invited keynote speaker at the RMAA Australia – “Steps to Optimising Email Communication within the Workplace”. 
  • 2010 - Invited keynote speaker at CimTech - The Future of Electronic Information and Records Management in the Public Sector. Keynote on “The challenges of e-mail management and research into a solution” 


  • 2013 - Outstanding Paper Award (IADIS Conference) – EMOTIVE ontology: Extracting fine-grained emotions from terse informal messages
  • 2012 - Fellowship of the British Computer Society
  • 2012 - Awarded Loughborough University Knowledge Transfer Award. Finding hi-tech solutions for a modern police force. 
  • 2011 - Finalists of the Loughborough University Knowledge Transfer Award. Automating Train Timetables as part of a KTP project with RWA Rail.
  • 2009 - Recognition for the work undertaken with Leicestershire Police on mobile data terminals at the 2009 UK British Computer Society IT Industry awards
  • 2006 The Australian Computer Society Best Paper Award at the Australisian Conference on Information Systems - "Can Seminar and Computer-Based Training Improve the Effectiveness of Electronic Mail Communication within the Workplace?"