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11 Feb 2014

Dr Betouras and his collaborators answer a ten-year old experimental question

In a recent work published in Phys. Rev. Lett. Dr Joseph Betouras together with the Leverhulme Visiting Professor Andrey Chubukov and their collaborator from the Leibnitz Insitute in Dresden Dr Dima Efremov answered a ten-year old experimental question.

They developed a microscopic theory to explain the absence of Landau damping of the magnetic excitations in uranium metallic compounds that exhibit ferromagnetism and superconductivity (UGe2, UCoGe etc). The absence of Landau damping signals the absence of spin conservation in these systems.

The researchers showed that the hypothesis of the existence of two species of electrons (both localized and itinerant) and the measurement of the magnetic excitations of predominantly localized character, is consistent with the experiments. The work was done using highly sophisticated field-theoretic diagrammatic technique and compared with the available experimental data.