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15 Mar 2013

Phil Sutton takes his science to Parliament

Saturn’s F ring
detail from Phil Sutton's poster

Loughborough University research student and technician, Phil Sutton is attending Parliament to present his science to a range of politicians and a panel of expert judges, as part of SET for Britain on Monday 18 March.

Phil’s poster will be judged against dozens of other scientists’ research in the only national competition of its kind.

On presenting his science in Parliament, he said: “I applied to SET for Britain because it represents a unique opportunity to communicate my research to a broader audience, including an opportunity to network between different scientific disciplines with other scientists.

“Also the chance to connect with MP’s on some of the top research in the country is great.”

Andrew Miller MP, Chairman of the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee, said, “This annual competition is an important date in the parliamentary calendar because it gives MPs an opportunity to speak to a wide range of the country’s best young researchers.

“These early career scientists are the architects of our future and SET for Britain is politicians’ best opportunity to meet them and understand their work.”

Phil’s research has been entered into the Physics section of the competition, which will end in a gold, silver and bronze prize-giving ceremony.

Judged by leading academics, the gold medalist receives £3,000, while silver and bronze receive £2,000 and £1,000 respectively.

Phil’s poster relates to research he conducted on Saturn’s F ring. This covers information about a new accelerated mechanism for Moonlet formation in Saturn’s rings and its implications to planet formation.

View the Journal related to this poster: 

1. Journal citation: Sutton, P.J. & Kusmartsev, F.V. Gravitational Vortices And Clump Formation In Saturn’s F ring During An Encounter With Prometheus. Sci. Rep. 3, 1276; DOI:10.1038/srep01276 (2013).

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