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18 Feb 2013

New findings in the structure of Kondo Lattice Metals

Dr. Natali Kovaleva, Dr. Klim Kugel and Prof. Feo Kusmartsev with other collaborators from Germany and Russia in the paper published in NATURE journal as Scientific Reports (2, 890, 2012) demonstrated theoretically and experimentally that in the typical Kondo lattice metals, such as Tb2PdSi3, there are formations of large magnetic stripy or string-like clusters. Each such magnetic cluster consists of many trapped charge carriers and is created by their self-trapping. In such cases, the magnetic Kondo lattice moments are polarised and form a potential well for the charge carriers. The metallic state is characterised by a coexistence of these clusters with free charge carriers. At high temperature, the giant magnetic moments associated with individual clusters are disordered, while at low temperature they form a new kind of subtly ordered glassy magnetic and also metallic state.