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27 Feb 2013

Loughborough Physics takes part in live BBC event

group of people standing around a telescope

Last night Loughborough Physics and the Student Outreach and Recruitment department (SOAR) held an event in Loughborough’s observatory as part of the BBC star gazing live event. We invited Charnwood College High school, local astronomers and guest speakers to the event where Loughborough Physics researchers, Mike Pierpoint and Phil Sutton gave talks about astronomy and the work being undertaken at Loughborough University. Groups of people, young and old visited the observatory between 7pm and 10pm in the hope to participate in some live star gazing, however in the absence of clear skies previously taken astronomy images were instead shown and visitors were invited to have a discussion about astronomy.

The BBC star gazing live event inspired hundreds of people around Britain to get involved with over 113,000 people taking part. Bringing together astronomical societies, museums and discovery centres, country parks and local authorities, these exciting events included planetarium shows, rocket making, star parties, alien activities and night time star cruises as well as topical talks and discussions contributing to a national stargazing celebration.

It was the perfect opportunity to invite the local Loughborough community to come and have a go at star gazing for themselves and hopefully inspire them to do so in the future.