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15 Nov 2012

Outstanding recognition for Professor Saveliev

Professor Sergey Saveliev has been elected as a Fellow of American Physical Society for distinguished contributions to the theory of classical and Quantum transport, particularly for the application of stochastic methods to solid state physics, including superconducting Terahertz electronics, vortex dynamics and nanoparticle transport.

The council of the American Physical society at its November 2012 meeting acted favourably on the nomination for Fellowship in the society upon the recommendation of the Forum on International physics. Election to Fellowship in the American Physical society is limited to no more than one half of one per cent of the membership and therefore highlights the outstanding contribution Professor Saveliev has given to physics.

Josephson vortex THz filter diagram

Josephson vortex THz filter proposed by Prof. Saveliev (Phys. Rev. Lett. 94, 157004 (2005)). Red and blue waves represent incident and reflected THz electromagnetic waves propagating through a layered superconductor, the green cylinders represent a Josephson vortex lattice which filters THz waves.

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