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17 December 2014

Resonant interactions of optical solitons with dispersive waves

Presented By Dr Alexey Yulin (ITMO University, St.Petersburg, Russia)
  • 2.30 pm
  • W2.19

About this event

"Resonant interactions of optical solitons with dispersive waves"

Abstract: In this talk we discuss Cherenkov, transitional and synchrotron radiations of optical solitons. These effects result in the appearance of resonant radiation in front and/or behind the solitons and in the growth of narrow lines in the spectra of the fields. The recoil of the radiation not only decreases the intensities but also changes the frequencies of the emitting solitons.

Another important class of effects addressed in this talk is resonant scattering of dispersive waves on solitons and new frequencies generation. The effect of parametric amplification of the scattered waves is also discussed in the talk on the example of dissipative solitons in fiber cavities.