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5 May 2013

Licence to Stun

Presented By David Wilkinson CPhys MInstP
  • 16:00
  • Room W0.03, Sir David Davies Building, Loughborough University

About this event

This lecture covers the work of several years in identifying and evaluating less lethal alternatives to firearms for use by the British law enforcement community. It begins by looking at why we need such devices and explains the underlying theory and requirements of less lethal weapons. It looks at some of the more outlandish equipment that is available before going on to cover how such weapons are prioritised and scientifically evaluated. These priority weapons systems are then looked at in more detail and their merits and disadvantages are discussed. Finally, there is an in-depth look at TASERs and the full scientific process from beginning to end is followed - from the early basic accuracy tests to the full, multi-million pound human body modelling and medical evaluation.

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