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Uri Gordon BA, DPhil

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Lecturer in Politics


I received my BA from Tel Aviv University in 2000, and my DPhil from the University of Oxford in 2006. My work focuses on the political theory of contemporary anarchism, emphasising the actual debates taking place within activist networks. Based on real-time participant observation of the vernacular culture of activists, I apply analytical tools to refine and critically develop the issues and dilemmas that are meaningful to social movements in their everyday organizing.

I am a founding member of the Anarchist Studies Network and co-editor of the Bloomsbury book series Contemporary Anarchist Studies. I am also a long-term participant in the environmental and peace movements, both in the UK and in Israel/Palestine.

My work has been translated into nine languages.

My current research looks at debates on large-scale strategies for social transformation among anarchists and their allies. I am particularly interested in discussions taking place in emergent movements such as those mobilizing against austerity and for climate justice. Specifically, I am now working on an analysis of contemporary anarchists’ views of the state, and on an ideological critique of discourses invoking the right of rebellion.

I teach the 3rd year module Global Environmental Politics, and most of the lectures on the 2nd year module Protest and Resistance. I’m also part of the team delivering the modules History Political Thought and Political Ideologies. Starting in the academic year 2015-16 I will be teaching the 2nd year module Theories and Methods in Political Research and leading the Research Design module which prepares students for their 3rd-year Dissertation.


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