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Teresa Xavier Fernandes

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Doctoral Research

Working title: “The Postanarchist, an activist in a ‘heterotopia’: building an ideal type”

My research is focused on postanarchism. I intendto construct a postanarchist ideal type by examining the work of three authors: Saul Newman, Michel Foucault and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. These authors have not previously been examined in relation to each other and my research analyses their interconnection by drawing on the work of a number of secondary authors: Emmanuel Kant, Friedrich Nietzsche, Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari

My investigation gives also a novel theoretical revision of postanarchism through Michel Foucault and Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. It notes the close similarities between Foucault and Proudhon, looking in particular at concepts of space, struggle, movement, necessity and consequently anarchy, and uses these resonances to fill the “bibliographic gaps” that Foucault notes in his writings with Proudhon’s thinking. This establishes a conceptual net around Foucault and Proudhon which provides a lens to interpret and situate Foucault's thought and activist practices within anarchism and, in the last instance, to better grasp the postanarchism of Saul Newman and carve out postanarchist ideal type.

Academic Background

Master: Comparative Politics, ICS - University of Lisbon, 2011

Graduation: Philosophy, Department of Philosophy - Portuguese Catholic University, Lisbon