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New appointments for Dr Phil Parvin

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Dr Phil Parvin has been appointed as a Senior Research Associate at Balliol College, Oxford, and a Visiting Fellow of the Centre for the Study of Social Justice, University of Oxford. He will hold these positions for three months, from January to March 2018, and will use them to begin work on his new book on political engagement and democracy.

Dorina Baltag - Thesis Work Published

Postgraduate Research, Dorina Baltag this week submitted her PhD thesis and published some of the work contained in it into the Hague Journal of Diplomacy, Special issue, vol.13 (1), 75-96. Her section within this journal focused upon: 'EU External Representation Post-Lisbon: The Performance of EU Diplomacy in Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine'. 

Professor Susan Reid Keynote Lecture

Professor of Cultural History, Susan Reid presented a keynote lecture at the Moderna Museet, Stockholm, on 25 January 2018. < http://bit.ly/2CMHt2s >. This was delivered as part of the conference Narrating Home in Visual Arts Through an East West Divide, funded by the Centre for Baltic and Eastern European Studies, Södertörn University in collaboration with Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

In addition to this Susan has also recently released two new publications: 

Сьюзан Э. Рейд (Susan E. Reid). «Как обживались в позднесоветской модерности» (“Making Oneself at Home in Late Soviet Modernity”). In Anatoly Pinsky, ed., Posle Stalina (After Stalin: Subjectivity in the Late Soviet Union (1953-1985), 352-97. St Petersburg: St Petersburg University Press, 2018.

Сьюзан Э. Рейд (Susan E. Reid). «Кто кого? Реакция советского народа на Американскую национальную выставку в Москве в 1959 г» ("Who Will Beat Whom? Soviet Popular Reception of the American National Exhibition in Moscow, 1959”). In Beate Fieseler, Rosa Magnusdottir, Michael Wala, eds, SSSR i SSHA v XX veke: vospriiatie "drugogo” (Soviet-American Perceptions), 70-104. Moscow: ROSSPEN, 2017. (Publication funded by German Historical Institute.)

Dr Christos Kourtelis - FEMISE LU Liaison

Dr Christos Kourtelis, lecturer in European and International Politics, has recently taken on the role of LU liaison for FEMISE. This is the largest network of research centres focusing on Euro-Mediterranean relations. More information about FEMISE and its research can be found at the below web address: 

Austrian Press Agency Interview - Dr Robert Knight

Senior Lecturer in International History, Dr Robert Knight was recently interviewed by the Austrian Press Agency (APA) about British Policy towards the Anschluss of March 1938, which is currently being marked in Austria. 
An article reporting on this interview can be found (in German) through the below link