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Research News Summary - 3 July

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Giulia Piccolino has been attending the 7th European Conference of African Studies in Basel (http://www.nomadit.co.uk/ecas/ecas2017/panels.php5?PanelID=5202) and presented a co-authored paper with Jeremy Speight, a Canadian colleague, and a single-authored paper at two very busy panels.

Giulia has also become co-coordinator of the AEGIS Collaborative Research Group on Politics and International Relations (AEGIS is the association that organizes the ECAS conference: http://www.aegis-eu.org/thematic-groups/collaborative-research-group-african-politics-international-relations). She’ll be taking organising a formal reception and/or a roundtable with policy makers at the next ECAS conference in Edinburgh, 2019.

Sebastian Averill will be speaking in Vienna in late-September at the inaugural conference of The Journal of Extreme Anthropology (https://www.journals.uio.no/index.php/JEA0). He’s also been appointed to the editorial board. His paper is on 'Professional Wrestling and the Kierkegaardian Turn'.

Teresa Xavier Fernandes has submitted her thesis on the postanarchist ideal type.